Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meme's PET is clear !!!!

Hey everyone,

Mom went for her PET test Tuesday. She also has the shingles. She has been in bad bad pain. Today we went back to the doctor for results of the PET test. She was told NO sign of any cancer cells lurking in her body. !! Thank you Lord. The doctor did explain that she wanted her to see the surgeon that removed mass from under her arm, to follow up with him. The doctor is also setting up an appointment with radiologist to see if they think to be safe to do radiation to her breast, as a precaution.
Meme (mom) has been on some heavy meds for the shingles. She was not on any meds, so when she does take any prescriptions, it is always a lot for her body. She has been slurring and gets places and people mixed up when telling something. I just look at Raeanne and say " She is Medicated..." We know what she is trying to say or mean. It is just strange to see and hear her this way. We can laugh today knowing she had a clean PET... LOL. I know it is a big relief for her.
I fell asleep praying last night that today would be a great day, and the Lord answered.

Raeanne and Josh are spending the night and we are going to do baby shower shopping tomorrow. Meme is not up to any of the shopping, we have just let her put the plan together. So off tomorrow for table cloths, napkins, plates, and all other shower thingies. Hope everyone has a great weekend. April Mechelle

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