Sunday, July 12, 2009

Work Saturday & Rest Sunday

I awoke Saturday morning to our friends from Anniston knocking on the door. They had come to help with the plumbing !!!! God Bless Them !!!! We have known Debra and Wayne for 15 years. Their daughter, Brandi and Raeanne are the same age. We met them camping at Cheaha Alabama and have been close ever since. Our families have always camped together till my dad passed away. We just don't have it in our heart to camp anymore, since dad is gone. When we did camp there was a lot of us and great times. Debra, Wayne, their kids, Stuart, his wife, Deeann, and Brandi . Deeann went on the have Baby Eli, who by the way was born on my birthday and is 13 years old now. urghhh ... I am getting Old.... He has a sister, Zoe - 9. Then there was our bunch, Mom, Dad, Me, Dewayne and Raeanne. We met others while camping but the Wells Family is part of our family and will always be.

Anyway, I got off track.... We had a great time talking, working and eating... off course. Debra & Wayne are 2 of the most funniest people I know. I just love spending time with them. We now have plumbing thanks to them... Time flew and before we knew it was time they had to get back on the road. Debra & I put Kiltz on the PIG Slaughter (RED) bathroom. I bought a beautiful blue called Sweet Baby Boy. Nice Calm color. RED was not a good color in a 8 X5 bathroom. I am going over to paint in the morning. I will take camera and take pictures.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, April

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