Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains !

I awoke to a crusty nose. I slept with the window open in the bedroom. It is so hot here. Weatherman said 89 today. Oh Where Oh Where is my air conditioner ! lol
I have decorated everything in my house yellow. My lap top's keyboard is even yellow... Why can't all these Bees we have flying around catch this pollen in mid-air and take it with them...

I am about to head out with the grand babies today. I need to pick up some DMC to finish a pattern. I will try to stitch my Ladybug Pillow the RIGHT way today. I will post a picture. I did not get the 2 Easter pillows sewn together before Easter. Maybe this I can get them done.

DH is still working on sun room. He goes to Sprott everyday, comes home and works on stuff around here. Our Nephew, Jeremy was a great help this weekend and yesterday. He got so much done to help DH.

Till Later... I will post pictures.


Rachel S said...

I hear you on the pollen. Everything here is green. Even the pavement. How odd is that?

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Mechelle, that yellow dust is just about everywhere here in middle Georgia!!