Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day To Me !!!

Today is my day !!! It has always been my Day !!! With the name April, I was the one that everyone in school teased !! Parents are worried Finally about bullying at schools. Name your child April then send them to school on April 1st ! LOL My started in Kindergarten and went through High School. But, I never really let it bother me. I had 2 days a year that were my days ! April 1st and May 10th (birthday)
Who can beat that !!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has purchased things from my sale blog. They have been all mailed out. I will list more next week. More linen, charts, and some floss. So if you haven't stop by, please do. Link is on sidebar. I have priced with shipping included.

I did go to Sprott Alabama yesterday. Very funny post is due for tomorrow !! Sprott is in the middle of now-where land !!! Went to an Hunting club... That is all I will tell for now.... Just wait !!!! Till Tomorrow !

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Michelle (Shell) May said...

I don't have kids, but if I had a girl I would name her April....My last name is May.. she would be April May...hee,hee,hee. I know I know, I'm a dork. ;)