Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy As A Bee !!!

Sorry about time between post. I have been a busy as a bee !!! We have been working on sun room and building a deck/play area for the grand kids. I try and take pictures when it is finished. I have not stitched at all.
Helping out, still at the office where DH works. I am so tried when I come in at night. It has been a year since my last job. I have to get back in the swing.
Thursday, Raeanne leaves to go on a cruise with her best friend. I will have Zoe for a couple of days then trade with other grandmother and get Joshua for the other days. So I have to get all this work done before they come to stay. I am looking forward to it !!! Thanks for reading my blog... My blog is kind of dull at this time. Summer is on the way !!! Should pick up soon !!! Till Later !!!


JOLENE said...

Sounds like Grandma is going to have some play time with her sweet Zoe. Enjoy!!!

dixiesamplar said...

Wow, sounds like harey-karey around your house! Hope you can find some "me" time to de-stress and unwind!