Friday, April 2, 2010

Where In The H* ll Is Sprott Alabama ?

I been to the end's of the earth and that is where Sprott Alabama is!! LOL DH has been working on a building there on a hunting camp. I went along with him Wednesday morning because I have never been to Sprott. The nearest town is 60 miles one way and 30 miles the other way. You ever heard of The Middle Of No-where? That is Sprott Alabama. Now get this.... This person owns 100 acres and has a hunting club that they all come and hunt on. Well, I thought OK... Rustic maybe... Outhouse... Probably.. In no-where land we had to drive 2 miles down the roughest dirt road. WE came over the hill and this is what I saw:

This is the House. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Huge common area with kitchen and living room.Each bedroom had 3 full size beds in each. That how big they were. I had to go to the bathroom.. You know how we women have to check things out. These men are set up in Luxury Style. I walked through the front door and nearly walked into a big pool table straight ahead. To the right was a dining room set that looked expensive, long table and 6 padded chairs. Not rustic by any means... LOL Then past that was the kitchen. We are talking aluminum appliances, dishwasher, and side by side ref. with a stove with overhead mircowave oven. Then what does my eyes see.... 2 not 1... But 2 Big *ss leather Sofas and a couple of Big *ss Overstuffed Chairs... Get this.. The Biggest Flat Screen TV on the wall. All that furniture was centered around that huge thing.. With my keen eyesight, I noticed that all fixtures was that new Bronze color.. Bronze means to much money ... LOL DH said when I came out, to come out the backdoor. He would be out there working... So, I open the door and step out on this huge covered patio area.. Guess what again??? To the right The Biggest black steel grill I have seen ever.. along with a grill called The Green Egg that was in it's Nest with all the bells & whistles.. These men are serious about cooking !!! LOL I turn to my left.. You can imagine my surprise at seeing 2 camo golf carts and a camo 4 wheeler sitting there... These men are serious !!! ( I know this story is long but here comes the Punch Line). I start saying to DH, You sure no-one lives here? No, He says, they just come to hunt. I am like OK... Why do they have this Donald Trump Hunting Club out in the middle of No-Where? and What is it with the Big Screen TV... Surely they get no cable or reception? He told me to turn around and look up. DISH TV.. I have seen it all now !!!! LOL The building DH is building is to hold all the 4 wheelers & golf carts. Here is a picture of it:

They also have a lake with a prier. Here is a picture of it:

I explained to DH that this was not a Hunting Camp/Club. This is a glorified Men's Club. They tells their wives that they are going to the woods to hunt and end up here at Camp Boy Have They Spent Some Money !! LOL Riding around on their Boy Toys, watching that Big Screen, Bar B Queing on those grills and trolling around in those 2 boats on that lake... and when night comes and they are tired from all those activities, they root around on that overstuffed furniture and look at all those Field & Stream magazines I seen laying around, Watch the news to see the weather and then head to bed to dream of all the big ones they missed... LOL

Well.. I seen this bird.. Here is a picture.. Now mind you, this bird was about 30 to 40 feet up a tree in a huge nest. It made the loudest Deep call I have ever heard. If someone knows what it may be, Let me know. I told DH I just took a picture of the biggest chicken in a nest up a tree. He laughed and said " Hawk" I said " Don't think so" Maybe Lake Loon? Here is picture in nest:

Could be a hawk.. If it is? It sure is a big one.. Nest looked about 3 ft in diameter. It never left the nest. Just kept Making noise .. Loud.. I was trying to take a nap in all that peaceful scenery. I gave up and took this picture of the bees buzzing around.. They were loud too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter. Our Lord is the Risen King !!!

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Michelle (Shell) May said...

I'm still laughing about the "chicken" in the tree! You are too darn funny!
I do believe that is a true men's club. Roughing it...not!!
Happy Easter my friend.