Monday, October 12, 2009

Trolling Motor Season !!!

I decided that since today was a rainy Monday I would post some finished cross stitch. I have a tub full of these. I am waiting on ... I don't know what I am waiting on... LOL . I need to finish them. Here are just some from tub:

This is a Trail Creek Farm Kit. Has a black & white with pink fringe pillow that I will need to attach this cross stitch to the front with some buttons... Now why have I not done this???

This is a kit from Heart In Hand. As you can see I have finished it... But have not put a ribbon hanger on it to hang on the tree at Christmas. Why Not??? I ask.... NEXT...

This is a design for a pillow top from Sekas Design. Dragonflies. More pretty than picture. I used sparkly floss in this and it is on light blue sparkle fabric. I did for Raeanne's room, Years.... ago.. Have not made into a pillow.. Oh, by the way, I have started the Ghost Sekas design with Glow in the Dark Threads... and I have the Turkey /Thanksgiving pattern also.. Why not finished??? Next!

Another Sekas Design - Picnic Baskets... Ants Included !!!! Another pillow unfinished.. And Why? NEXT !!!

2 Lizzie Kate Kits - Claire & Henry . These are to be made into stand-ups. I have not finished them, They also have a son & daughter, But I knew I would not stitch them, so I sold them on Ebay... I need to sew these into their upright positions soon.. Maybe before Easter. and Why Not???? NEXT !

OK.... This is a stocking design from Shepherd's Bush. This is the one I had stitched for my niece Hannah, when she was 1 year old... The child is now 9.... I have also stitched Raeanne, Dewayne, & me a stocking. 4 stockings finished in stitching, but not made into a stocking!!! I have Joshua, Chip, & now Zoe to do... now I moment in Prayer.... Please Lord let me complete these for my whole family... Amen. And why have I not finished, I have all the beads and charms to go on these... and I have to give them some hair.. OH. I got a headache!!!! I am making myself have a headache thinking about this.
And Just think... This is just a little off the top of my Tote Of Tomorrow.. That is what I am going to call it.. Tote of Tomorrow. What Have I been doing??? I think I just like to stitch these and then I think they are complete... LOL Are maybe the Magic Finishing Fairy will step in and take over... I'll let you know.. I have not seen her... She by-passed my house without even looking my way. That is my life's story...
Well, now that I have a headache and am depressed... LOL . I will go back to stitching ... I am still working on design for Brenda, NO Peek, Per-Brenda...
And if you are out in this flooding rain... Please use trolling motor with care.

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Michelle said...

Those little picnic baskets are so cute!