Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Much Cross Stitch To Complete !!!!

I have went through my Halloween & Fall Stash.. To many to stitch and not enough time. These are only the four, that I wanted to complete. Well..... I don't know why??? I have no place to put them if they were finished... I have packed up all pictures and nick-knacks. I hope we will be moved before Thanksgiving. Dewayne said 2 weeks, two weeks ago... Maybe if I would go over there and do some work, it might hurry us up... I did get table and 2 &1/2 chairs painted black.. 1 & 1/2 left. How do you stop painting on 1/2 of a chair, you ask?.... I can do it. All we have left is some trim around 2 windows and putting carpet in 3 rooms... I think I need to be lighting a fire under someone... Who will remain nameless and has been in the bed, now since... 6:30.....
Raeanne and kids are spending the night with chip's parents.. They had great grandparents coming in today. Josh will be 2 officially Tomorrow.. He got a birthday card today from his Aunt Billie and would not let it go... He took it with him. Waving with the card as they left out of the drive.. The Boy Loves Mail !!! He has all his birthday cards on his little desk.. One got knocked off yesterday, fell behind desk and he had a fit !!! Oh by the Way....The Boy has a desk... GiGi had one and he had to have one.. He has on the top of his desk, a DVD player with Mickey mouse movies, lamp, birthday cards, doctor's kit, balloon, and not to mention anything he may be snacking on at the time... I do miss him and his sister... They will be back tomorrow.. Momma called and I told her, they went to spend the night with in-laws, she said " I will let you rest!, Talk to you later, Bye !" LOL Now I don't know what to do and it is only 9:45... News at 10:00 anyone......... Bye

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