Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing New !!!

Nothing new since last post. No working on Extreme Mobile Home Make-over. I have only been cross stitching on the project that I need to get in the mail Friday. I will be going with Raeanne to an appointment tomorrow and then on Thursday for Zoe's Ultra sound at Children's on Acton Road. They want to check her legs because she was breech. We will leave there and go to Raeanne's 6 weeks check-up. Oh... and mom has an appointment with Chemo doctor on Friday. Woooo I am tired already...
As far as working across the street on new home. I have gave up.... Dewayne had to drive hauling dirt with dump truck for work all Saturday. Sunday, he slept all day. Got up about 4:00 pm and ate some chili and went back to bed. Carpet is never going to get put down. Dewayne said 2 weeks about 4 weeks ago.... maybe... I hope... before... The New Year.
That is all I have going on... Have a good week... I will be busy !!!

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