Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Stitching And A Headless Turkey

This a stitching piece that I was working on... I said was, because I ran out of sampler thread " Burnt Orange". He will get his head about this weekend. I had to order thread for other projects and I should get his head color this weekend. That is what I don't like about not having a local shop anywhere in central Alabama. All we have is a Michael's & Hobby Lobby.. Ok, if you just want DMC... I have to order about everything I use to stitch. I did pick up another stitch piece that was in my WIP pile. It is from La D Da Designs. That is all I have stitched on, for the last couple of days. Hope to get rotation of projects back started. I keep finding new charts that I want to stitch... Well back to stitching....


Barbeeque4 said...

Hi April Mechelle - Thanks for stopping by the blog!! I am glad that someone else is doing the Memorial Sampler - my Dad passed away a few years back and I always wanted to stitch up some sort of piece but never found the right one - until I came upon this chart. Stop back again!! Take care,

dixiesamplar said...

Love the "headless" turkey...LOL! Kind of appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up soon!

Is the alphabet sampler a LA-D-DA?? I love that one...and the color you're using is gorgeous!

I hate not having a LNS's a pain to have to order things or wait until I go on vacation. I'm in Dothan, so the closest shops to me are quite a drive. I love Abecedarius in Marietta but it takes 4 hours, and Needle Delights in Pensacola is 2 hours away. There were a few shops in B'ham and Hunstville, don't know if they are still open though. Oh well, guess that means I need to start seriouly considering opening a shop here in can dream, can't one??!!

Thanks for the comment on my's always nice to know people are actually reading my posts...LOL! Until later...


Ranae said...

Hey! Love both the pieces. I stitched the La D Da and made it into a pillow.
My LNS is not a very good one for fabric, she only carries up to 28ct linen. I have to order online, not aleast I take a trek to a not so close LNS. Some stitchers are so lucky to live so close to a god one, arghh!!! why not me?? lol
I looked and I have a small amount of the burnt orange I can send you, it would be enough to finish the head. I don't know if it will match what you have already stitched. let me know ,o.k. and I can get it in the mail to you