Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Please stay with me here... I am stitching on that model for Brenda and I don't have any stitching to post.
So today... My cousins have been on my mind.. all of them, even little Matthew.. He is not little anymore - former Marine and 30 years old.
Our family is close. We all grew up together. We each have our own families, kids and grand kids.
With Valentine's Day coming up. Last year I posted about the Valentine's I received when I was little from my cousins here:

Today I found these pictures, my cousins.....
Andrea, Donna and me !  I am in the print outfit. I have skinny legs and knee caps.. I almost didn't recognize myself!! lol  This was taken in 1970 in the Old Cahawba Cemetery. Yes, we are in a cemetery... When family comes to visit with us, no amusement parks or water parks for this family!! Remember back then.. I bet there is even packed sandwiches and Golden Flake chips to eat, in the back of Aunt Gloria's station wagon. You know the one... the back glass goes down in the door and we were all piled in the back hanging out!! lol Oh.. What fun we had!

 Here we are at Aunt Judy's Birthday lunch this year 2011. 41 years later! I am in the middle. Where did my knee caps go?  lol  We had just finished eating Pasta and Cake!  What is better in life!  lol
I need to mention I have 4 boy cousins and 3 girl cousins. I will now introduce you:
These are my  cousins Todd and Toby. Year is 1970. Toby is the young one on the right. There is a story to go with this picture. See him pointing to those Love Beads?  Those were Todd's beads. He had to give them to Toby. Why? He pitched such a crying fit! He cried a lot as a child....  lol  Ya'll keep looking at how my hair is in these old pictures. I have a surprise at the end...
 This is the First Born cousin Fritz and me one Christmas. I have called him Fritzie since I was little. His dad is Fritz.. others in the family say Big Fritz and Little Fritz. But he is Fritzie to me. My dad loved the outdoors and Fritzie would come fish with him some. I guess Fritzie still loves the outdoors.. We missed him at Christmas, he was down hunting in South Alabama.
 Isn't he handsome? Matthew is my baby cousin, but him and my daughter Raeanne are the same age. They grew up together. I still see him as the blonde little boy with glasses.  So proud of him!  He is in San Diego now. Having the time of his life!!  He has a right to.. He is young. Did I say he is also Smart and Handsome?  He is single too! lol
 ...And these ladies are where we began! We are the people we have become, because of their love and guidance. I think we are a special family.. why?  Because we have each other through good and bad times. Each one of them was there when my dad had his heart attack. Stayed with my mom and us when we needed family most when one life ended and we were left to continue without daddy. I now know my whole family will be there for anything...

 This beautiful lady is Frances Duncan. She is Grandma to me... I guess it really started with her. All those Rememberence pillows I stitched for the aunts and uncle Phil is to remember her by. She had 8 grandchildren. Fritzie, Donna, Andrea, Todd, Me, Toby, Trey and Matthew.

This is my brother Trey. See that bowl haircut?  I think my mother had a passion for this look. Girl or boy, her two children had the same hair!  lol Go back up to the top.. See me!! Yep! Same hair as this picture of my brother, some 4 years later... after my do! I can remember several times ladies commenting on him. That sure is a cute Girl!!!   hahahaha
Well, I hope I did not bore you to much?  It was raining here today and I could not think of anything else to blog about.. I do have a picture of my organic eggs in a carton. I bought them at the grocery store.. I say they are fresh!  Why... They still have chicken poop on them! How fresh is that!!  lol  I didn't think ya'll wanted to see a picture of chicken poop on an egg....  Till later.....


paula said...

I only had two cousins. They lived about 2 hours north of me. We grew up in the 1950'a so there wasn't much "Let's jump in the car and go visit."

But, I spent 1 week with them at their house and they spent 1 week (each at a different time) with me at our house.

Mom told me, when we were all in our 30's, that we really had something special. By then, we were only seeing each other at major family events. But, when we woud get together, it wa slike we had never been apart.

Love them dearly. Their mom, our last survivor of her generation, died this past summer. I made reservations to get there by train to be with them and the floods of the summer had gotten in the tunnels where all of AMTRAKS wiring is held . . no trains tha night.

SO, when I do get there this next summer, we shall hug and cry, look at old family pix and try to figure out who is who from generations past.

Mouse said...

ohhh your family sounds lovely ... I only vaguely remember my two cousins ... met them a few times when little and at 16 the boy one fancied me till I said but I think you are my cousin ... he wasn't impressed he told my auntie the next day blow me down the nicest girl met in a long time turns out to be my cousin ..lol then only once more at my mums funeral ..... you have lovely memories ... write them down :) love mouse xxxxx

Donna said...

I have no brothers or sisters and never really minded because I lived near my cousins, so to me they were like my siblings. It is so nice to remember those times but we have grown apart and so far away. Those were some of the best days of my life. Memories are sometimes comforting :)

TinaTx said...

How wonderful that you are still close to your cousins. Unfortunately I'm not close to any of mine any more - I wish we were, but it just is what it is.
Hope you are feeling ok after your fall!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

A wonderful large family you have and wonderful that you all stay in touch. blessings,Kathleen