Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Addiction, A Gift And A Framed Finish

Hi, my name is April. I am a Pinterest Addict.    lol   Yes, I have fell victim to Pinterest!  Forget Facebook... There are so many craft idea on Pinterest, I can't stop looking. It is an addiction! 
Speaking of craft ideas... My lovely SIL yesterday gave me a present. It is wrapped so cute and full of Kisses!  She is the greatest! She is the one who gave me all those bags of craft stuff !

 So cute candy jar!! I had to make hubby stay away last night. I wanted to get a picture for me blog. Sorry next one is blurry.
 She was making these when I went over to her house yesterday.  I am thinking about making some for the Grand kids for Valentine's Day. There is one painted black on Pinterest I want to make for them. Zoe's may be black.. But Josh's will have to be Orange and Blue. His favorite colors.. lol
I did get my BOAF framed before Valentine's Day. I painted the frame a Watermelon Color. I went through 3 paint colors before a stayed with this color. I first painted it Ballet Pink.. To light, the color of the fabric.  I then painted it a fluorescent pink. The color of her shoes. Real Bright!  lol  Nope on that color.. Then I found this can of Watermelon Spray paint. That was it!! It is now hanging in my sun room.
Speaking of Josh.. Say a prayer for him please. He is having his tonsils removed tomorrow. They have headed out today to stock up on jello, ice cream, and yogurt. I will have little sister Zoe tomorrow. I am planning some crafts with her. Of course, I got the ideas off Pinterest!!  lol 
I am trying to add a button to my bar to follow me on Pinterest, so please bare with me.  Like I said I am addicted!  lol
Till later.....


Autumn said...

I just opened a Pinterest but can't get it to work from facebook.

Love the Valentine's stitch with the pink frame. CUTE!

Natasha said...

Hello my name is Natasha and I am a pinning addict... Hehehe... I love it :) pin away girl!!

Deb said...

I am such a Pinterest addict too that it's ridiculous. I think that has been part of my lack of blogging lately. All looking and no doing! LOL

You hit on the perfect frame color for your piece. Love it!!

re'New said...

LOL I'm addicted, too :)

Anonymous said...

DD and I are also Pinterest addicts especially in crafts and gardens.

Mary in TN

Catherine said...

What a cute candy jar!
Your finish looks adorable!

vivian said...

cute idea! I love pinterest too.. lots of inspiration there!