Friday, January 6, 2012

Wally World/China Mart Hates Me !!!

and here is why..... Folks I can't make this stuff up. I have had another incident at Wally World.. Hubby did laugh at my other incident but, his words were" Keep you A$$ out of China Mart and things like this would not happen!" Duh... So I can't tell him about this one.. Only me, does these things happen to!
I went back to China Mart.. They do have the cheapest olive oils and salad dressings..  Well, I had picked up my olive oil along with some Bran cereal.. I see the dressing and think I need to look at how many carbs, sodium, and other.. Yes... I have read every label on every thing in Publix before I hit The China Mart. I am doing really great with my eating and label reading. I may go for a Masters in Label Reading! 
I start picking up the dressings and looking at the backs and reading that good little label.  Then I spy this pretty label on a dressing bottle! Don't ask me what brand? why?... because I became so mad, I don't remember!!!  
You know when the oil separates from the inside things floating around in the bottle.. Well, I pick up that pretty little bottle with the cute label and Shook It!!!  Don't ask me why? .... Guess What?  SOME ONE had taken the cap and loosened it.. You guessed It!!!
Salad Dressing all over the side of my head and onto my shirt. It was my Bama Girl Shirt!!!  There will be a picture at the end of this post to prove, I can't make these up!!! I was standing in the aisle starting to smell Vinegar. My family knows that I hate the smell of Vinegar - (Sunburn days sitting in front of the fan with vinegar on my back from bad days swimming) I do maybe need to explain why I would've thought to try Raspberry Vinaigrette? I thought the bottle had a cute label and it said Raspberry! Nope... Not for me!  It is still vinegar. I am still smelling it as I type this. It is in my hair.. In my ear... down my neck... and on my favorite Alabama T-shirt. All I can hope is that the smell will come out of my Bama Shirt!! Big Game Monday!!! If not... I will not stand close to a Salad Bowl!
I think I will keep my SELF out of China Mart for a while!!!  I am sure they are comparing my security pictures from the panties incident, with these new pictures and laughing there heads off and pointing at the screen, as they turn toward each other and say at the same time... That's the Panties Lady!!!  lol  
I can only laugh at myself. I do have a sense of humor.. I just hope that this is not how the rest of my year is going to be! 
Now to go take a shower and make hubby take me out tonight..I already have the dressing for my salad!!!  lol

My Favorite Bama Shirt!  Front with Raspberry Vinaigrette on it!


Till Next time!!! I just know something else is going to happen!


Catherine said...

I have to admit, that I can't stop laughing! Are you ready for the I told you so if he finds out!?!

Mouse said...

ohhhh dear ,,, may be you shouldn't go out shopping any more sorry but still giggling :) love mouse xxxx

blue star stitcher said...

That's awful, and having to drive all the way home with that smell in your hair yuck!

Robin said...

You have made my day. You are not alone. My girlfriend once had an 'incident' with a mannequin in JC Penneys. I think it is your recent illness. I just heard this morning on the news that between medicine and a stuffed head, it is the equivalent of walking around after having a couple of alcoholic drinks!! You are not 100% yet....maybe you should stay home over the weekend and stitch!

natalyK said...

OMG, that is the second time this week you had me laughing until my stomach hurt. I actually think I saw this video on the internet;)
Stay away from Wally World. I think its a conspiracy and they are setting you up. I wonder what will happen on your next visit.

Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to be laughing at your expense but I just can't help myself! I can just imagine the look on your face when it happened!
Hope you're able to get the stain out of your Bama shirt.

vivian said...

you better stay out of walmart! lol!

Parsley said...

Oh happens to all of us. It's blog fodder at least.

Lisa said...

Ok, I really had to laugh at that one! ;P

Michelle May said...

You are one crazy woman April! You make me laugh so hard I have tears!!

TinaTx said...

I so wish I could meet up with you in China Mart (love that!)
I have to laugh - it's just funny!
Hope your shirt came clean!