Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What A Day !!!!

 I went to the mailbox today and there was a package in it from Shell and the Bunnies. I thought, hey... Shell is sending me some stitching to do for her.. But no...  LOL  She sent me this wonderful gift for the gal who has everything!!!  lol. Mr. Frosty has found his home in the kids bathroom!!   He is so cute!!  She put a note in the package that she could not resist and just had to get this for me. Merry Christmas from Michelle and the Bunnies!!  If you miss the post about what to get me for Christmas.. here it is:
 He is just smilin' waiting on grandson Josh to pee on him!!  lol  Josh is only 4 and does not aim so great!!  Wherever he is looking is where it goes!!  lol  Sorry for the bad bathroom humor... I have not told him their bathroom has Mr. Frosty. It will be a surprise.

This is the table in my craft room. I went on a small shopping spree for Zoe. The fabric and shirts on the left are for her some Christmas Outfits. The Thomas Fabric is for Josh a Tree Skirt. The Charlie Brown & Cars fabric is for Christmas Pillow Cases. I had better get busy!  The Pants I am making for Zoe will have pom poms around the hem. I can't wait to get started!!
This is her Thanksgiving Outfit. I finally got it finished and took it down to her house. We are all ready for Thanksgiving!  Are You?
I have boiled some eggs for deviled eggs. I will make homemade Mac and Cheese tomorrow morning. Then we head off to Aunt Judy's house!!  I have to finish my Uncle Phillips pillow tonight. I know I will get no sleep tonight!  My family will know why... It is how I have been such childhood.. If there is a family event, trip, or anything happening the next day.. I get all hyped up and can't sleep. I get over excited and Mr. Sandman will not come see me... lol
So that has been my day!! Thank you so much Michelle!! You had me laughing so hard!! Brightened my day!!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  Till Later.....


Mouse said...

heheh he is cute ... and nice outfit too ... hope you have a great day :) love mouse xxxxx

vivian said...

what an adorable little turkey outfit! so cute April! and the snowman set in the bathroom is just perfect for the kids!
Have a delightful thanksgiving! Well be having a full house here.. so much to do!

Michelle May said...

This post has me cracking up!! David laughed hard too about your grandson peeing on Mr. Frosty! Hilarious!!
Sending little surprises to my friends is one of the greatest joys I have. Glad to make you smile!
Happy Thanksgiving!

blue star stitcher said...

That is the cutest Thanksgiving outfit I have ever seen! Happy Thanksgiving.

Lynn said...

Michelle's gift is too funny! I just saw those in our Walmart last night and thought of you.
I'll bet Zoe looks adorable in her Thanksgiving outfit.
I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!