Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is It Summer or Fall ??

I know it is Fall but, it has been in the 70s here in Bama for about a week now.  Watching the news right now. Weatherman just said chance of SNOW Monday.. What!!!!  I guess weather in Alabama is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you will get!  But Snow!!!  I have not put up my shorts and tee shirts yet. 
Nothing to show in pictures.  I have bought fabric to make Zoe some Christmas outfits. I need to take a picture of the turkey shirt and pants I made her.. I will show it tomorrow...I also bought some fabric to make them each a Christmas pillow case.
I have been stitching on my Uncle a Remembrance Pillow for my Grandmother. I have done each aunt one.. I still have my mom to stitch one for.. I am stitching on a model for Donna at By The Bay Needlearts. I am stitching on a ornament for me and a couple of ornaments and gifts for stitching friends. I am busy stitching!  lol 
Hope everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving!  I will post some pictures tomorrow...


Charlene ♥ SC said...

I have on a tee and knee pants now, but the last time I took Pixie out a cooler breeze was coming in with the sunshine! Heard no mention of snow, but don't doubt it! You ARE busy stitching... enjoy!

Myra said...

It has been really warm here too. Happy Thanksgiving!