Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I got my Christmas Tree put up today!! Even with this bad head cold... I had to take breaks to rest. Raeanne came over with the grands and Josh helped me decorate it. I love my little Elf under the Tree. He is over 46 years old!  He is my favorite Christmas decoration! My mom passed him on to me. We started our Christmas celebrations together, with me as a baby.

Just taking some pictures of my ornaments. This one is a favorite, I guess I can say that about them all!  They all mean something or I have a memory of when bought or given to me... This one says, " Dear Santa, It Taste Just Like Candy! Love Lucy

If you live in the South, you need a Cracker Barrel Ornament for your Tree!!  It is a Must Have!!  lol

Ober Gatlinburg Ornament from a trip years ago to Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Ornament made by Donna Bayliss of By The Bay Needlearts. I stitch models for her. She makes the cutest Ornaments and doodads.  I got this one last year off her Etsy Site.

This one was bought because, Well.... It was just  unusual and too darn Cute!!!  lol I purchased it at a local shop called Chelsea Lane near where I live. The Owl in the next picture also came from Chelsea Lane.

My See Rock City birdhouse ornament came from Rock City. I took a bus trip with my mom and Aunt Judy a couple of Winters ago.. If you ever get a chance to go to Rock City in Chattanooga Tn before Christmas.. You need to. It is so beautiful lit up at night.. Did I forget to say the night we went it was like.. 28 degrees and the wind blowing on top of that mountain!  But oh so pretty!!! 
It might be time for another nap... I have taken 2 so far today... I think it is the meds I am taking. OTC stuff. The thing that will help the most is Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup!  Yep... That is what I had for lunch... If anyone finds any chicken in the chicken noodle soup.. Please let me know.. Mine did not have any. Carrots and noodles is all I had!!!  lol   Tonight will be Scavenger Hunt supper tonight. I will tell hubby what is in the refrig and cabinet and he will have to go find it!!!  This should be interesting....Till Later...


basketsnprims said...

love the tree and all of the memories you shared.

Catherine said...

Lovely tree!! I love how you showed closeups of your ornaments - I think I'll have to do that with some of mine! The elf is so cute and what memories you two must share!
Hope you feel better!

Lynn said...

Your tree looks lovely! Thanks for sharing the stories and pics of your favourite ornaments.
I hope your head cold takes it leave soon. I can't decide if that's what's starting with me or it is allergies again.

Penny said...

What a beautiful tree! The little elf is so sweet. I love when each ornament has a special story or memory attached to it. Funny about the chicken noodle soup and the scavenger hunt supper idea always goes over like a lead balloon in my house. :)
I hope you feel better soon!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such pretty decorations! The elf is so cute. blessings,Kathleen

Michelle May said...

Your tree is so pretty sweets!