Thursday, September 8, 2011

Timber! Trip Pictures and Bought Stash

 This is what we came home to Wednesday. Tropical Storm Lee took down the only shade in the front yard and it landed on our porch roof. Just a little dent.. Anyone need firewood?   This weekend will be spent cleaning up limbs and this tree. It will also be Zoe's 2nd Birthday. She was going to have a big Birthday Blast, but Joshua has came down with pneumonia and she has bronchitis.
 This is the scenery we seen on our trip. Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains. Park Rangers said there had been a lot of deer & bear sightings.  Did we see any?  Nope.. We did see a crow with a piece of bread in it mouth. After sitting in traffic for over an hour we took a shortcut and left. Cars were not moving at all. We have been to Cades Cove about 4 times.. I don't think it has changed.. lol
 This is the Little River that winds through the park and Gatlinburg. It had hardly any water in it. People were trying to tube this.. lol Hubby and I started laughing when we seen that they would ride their tubes for about 20 feet, get off, pick their tubes up and walk over the rocks to the water and get back on their tubes.  lol I didn't get a picture of it after the rain from TS - Lee. But it was rolling big time.. No tubes.
 This is a new attraction in Pigeon Forge.  The Titanic. It was great. We could not take pictures inside. It is decorated on the inside to look just like the real Titanic Ship. It has displays of the artifacts recovered from the wreckage. I had to hurry and that this picture.. Sorry it is blurred. It started pouring rain.
 We had to tour the Aquarium in Gatlinburg. We always do this. It has something different every time.  The new thing was Penguins. They were real cute.

 This is a roadway through the Great Smokey Mountains Park to Cherokee. We drove over the mountains one morning. This was taking on the way back. I just love being on the mountains. I don't need amusement parks and attractions to do.. Just give me a road, trees, streams and mountains. I am in Heaven.
 The Old Mill at Pigeon Forge. No, we did not eat there.. We have before and it is wonderful!
 On the way back we stopped by Desoto Falls on Lookout Mountain between Ft Payne and Mentone Alabama. This is my favorite place to go. Our family has been coming here since I was 12 years old.
This is the bottom of the falls. If you ever get a chance stop by and see Mentone Please do. The Mentone Springs Hotel was built in 1884 as a hotel to come and enjoy the spring water for health purposes. Here is a link to the Hotel.  Ft Payne is as Home of The Little River Canyon National Preserve. The biggest Canyon east of The Grand Canyon.

 I did some stash shopping at The Dixie Darling shop in Pigeon Forge. As you can see I bought some linen. It is hard to find 40 count. I seen these and snatched them up.
I also got the new JCS magazine with the Christmas Ornaments. I could not past it by. There is a funny story behind shopping at this shop.. We are on Central Time in Alabama. They are on Eastern Time in this part of Tennessee. Well.. I noticed that they closed at 5:00.. I happened to remember this at 4:31 driving in the car. We were near. I whipped in the parking lot .. Hurried inside, thinking I had only 29 minutes to shop... I was greeted warmly by the owner Cindy and employee Tina. I talked with them while I shopped.. Hubby noticed that their cash register was open. He looked at his phone, came over to me and said," I think they are closed?" What?
He said he phone showed 6:15.  Oh no.. I told them I was so sorry. We were still on Alabama Time. lol   She was so sweet. She was working on a kit for a show that was up coming and was there at the shop putting it together.  They are both super nice and I had a wonderful shopping time with them. If you are ever in Pigeon Forge Tn, Please go by and see them. They have their fabrics already cut to size for the popular charts. I was real glad to see that. I just gabbed those precut ones. So handy not to have to measure and cut. Cindy says they ship all over the US and Overseas if you need anything.
I guess I have talked and showed ya'll everything... 
One more thing... I am thinking about ya'll in all the flooded areas in the east. Been seeing the pictures on TWC.
Take care and keep safe my friends. Till Later....


Michelle May (Shell) said...

Poor tree! :( Glad it didn't cause much damage though. Just a major pain to clean up.
Gorgeous vacation photos. Looks like such a fun place to visit!
xx, shell

basketsnprims said...

Beautiful pictures, April Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like you had a great time.

Catherine said...

So glad that tree didn't do more damage!

You've visited one of our favorite places!! It's been two years since we've been in TN - I think it's time to go back!!

Mouse said...

ohh dear poor tree .. love the photos of your trip especially of the falls :) and oooo the LNS sounds fantastic will have a bob at the link :) and great stash find too :) love mouse xxxx

Rachel S said...

Love the pictures. I am sorry about your tree. At least it didn't hit the house a lot. That is funny about the time issue. they sound like a great store if they'd stay open for you.

Penny said...

What beautiful pictures! The penguins are cute :) Looks like you got some nice linen and things.

TinaTx said...

Beautiful pics! Sorry about the tree.
Some nice stash you picked up!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Glad you did not have more damage! What a fun trip! I would have loved to see the Titanic! blessings,Kathleen

Nan said...

I am always so sad to see big trees destroyed by weather. I think it is because I they remind me of my childhood home.
Love your stitching finds. The store you visited sounds wonderful. Will look them up if I ever get down that way.