Friday, September 23, 2011

Busy Little Baker !

 Doesn't this look yummy!  My mom's Birthday was yesterday. I found some cake mix and a tub of icing in the cabinet.  I called up my little baker and asked if he wanted to help.. He couldn't get across the street fast enough... lol
 Here he is, whipping that cake mix up!  He pulls a 2-step stool up to the counter and begins working away. We had a fight over the eggs.. I was showing him how to break them open and he just grabs and crushed it.. I hope no one found any shells in the cake. lol
He had to lick to beaters. While the cake was baking. We watched cartoons and he ate a pack of M & M's.  He doesn't get sweets at home.. When he comes to Gigi's he gets to eat some sweets... and boy did he yesterday.  Once the cake cooled, I frosted it and told him to throw the sprinkles on it.. But first he had to lick the frosting off the knife and the last bit out of the tub.. You seen that it was chocolate. Well, later I looked around and he was no where to be found.. I came in the kitchen.. Guess What?  That little finger was going all around that cake, eating the frosting. I had to make him come sit in the living room.. Next thing I knew he was laying across the top of my head, jumping all over the furniture, running in a circle and that mouth was talking 90 to nothing.. lol His mom came to bring more clothes because he was all chocolate covered..... He informed us, he was strong and he would carry the cake and hold it on the way to Meme's... Oh No Boy!  No more cake for you... lol
You will be glad to know I left the cake for my mom to eat.. We will be partying again this weekend. My Mom's Birthday was yesterday. My niece Hannah's Birthday is today.. and her party is this weekend. I think we have had enough cake for a while, with Zoe's being 2 weeks ago.. Josh's Birthday is in 2 weeks and Hubby's is the week after that.. All I can say is.... I Sure Love Birthday Cake & Ice Cream!  Till later...  I may be out buying all new pants with elastic waist bands... lol


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Enjoyed your cake adventures!

Mouse said...

oooo you looked like you had real fun .. and elastic is good ;0 love mouse xxxxx

Parsley said...

How sweet. Love cooking with little ones.

Check out my blog. You are a WINNER!

Penny said...

The cake looks great and your little baking companion is cute as a button! Sounds like he really keeps you on your toes.