Friday, September 24, 2010

Wally World Visit

This is my grandson Josh.... He is sporting the latest in shopping safely wear.
You will need this when oncoming traffic in Wally World is riding scooters.

This is what his buggy looks like every visit... No, we did not purchase these things.
See that smile!! He thinks he is getting all this and the snake too.
We then, have to take it all to price scanner that hangs on a pole and let him scan them.. I don't know the working of my grandson's mind. LOL

We then have to try putting back all that stuff, but we are not bad.. We do let him ride and play a game before we leave.. This was all done yesterday. Tonight we were at Wally World again.. I did make it out without going broke in the Game Room. I bought him a red slush drink..

Raeanne had tubes removed surgical from her ears today. While Dr B.. (ears, nose, & throat Dr. ) was in there he removed a tumor. She is in some pain, but says she can now hear HEAR... That is a good sign.... She goes back in to see Dr B Thursday, this coming week. Please say a pray for her and for her pain.

Thank You... Till Later...

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Melissa said...

So cute that you let him do the practice scanning. I love that. Hope Raeanne is feeling better. Prayers being said.