Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dairy Queen Cake High

It is 10:00 pm... I am wide awake !!! why, you ask?.... I ate Birthday Cake again this weekend. I thought I was doing good. It was only a Diary Queen Ice Cream Cake... I just noticed a pattern..... I am capitalizing all the words that are FOOD... LOL Is it a cake high? I came in from the party... Niece Hannah Grace turned 10 years old Party. I was so sleepy. I thought I will just lay down for a little bit... Well, I awoke at 8:00 pm from a 3:00 ( I will just close my eyes for a little bit) Nap. Now, mind you, I have had cake for 3 weeks in a row. Is the sugar from these Cake parties, maybe... ganged up inside my body and NOW, they want to make an appearance. I have all this energy at 10:00!!!
I guess I could stitch on something. I did get the package in from Brenda at With Thy Needle & Thread Designs. I am stitching a model for her. I do some of her models. I can't show any of it... It is a secret till she revels it on her Blog. All I can say is... It is a cute one !!! As always.
Well, I am having computer problems.. I am speeding faster than my computer... LOL
Maybe I need to go clean up my kitchen... Yea.. That sounds great!!! NOT.....
Till Tomorrow.......

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ain't for city gals said...

I would definitely NOT clean the kitchen..that could become a habit!..You are funny..I am looking forward to reading past and future posts!