Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am Dead Tired !

Have you ever been so tired that you don't even want to take a shower? That is me. Hubby went and got the Dump Truck and Bobcat today. We have been working in the yard.. In 95 degree temps since about 4:30 till.. What time is it? lol I don't know why I think I can do jobs, that are going to take weeks in ONE DAY. urghhh I have misspelled a bunch of words trying to type this blog... Bare with me!!! I am covered in dirt and grass. Why?... Because we have had no rain in about 2 weeks. Its rains a half a mile down the road from us... still pretty green leaves on the trees. My yard.. Let's just say.... It looks like fall. Dead leaves blowing off the wilted trees.. Not a pretty picture. Dust everywhere! Trying to get yard looking half way decent..
Birthday Party is tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for wishing Zoe a Happy Birthday! She is 1 today !!! Josh rode the bobcat with his Poppa tonight. He fell asleep while riding... I got him on the lawn mower and took him across the street to his house... just in time for supper..He is as tired as me... lol
Well, I have drank a lot of water and have cooled off somewhat... Time to go, get all this grass and dirt off and hit the bed.. Till later........


Faye said...

You make me laugh...~~ I was so tired last night with my feet throbbing and too tired to even EAT! Now that is tired!!!lol.... I know what you mean though about trying to "git it done" all in one day.....we're the same day~~~~

Take care, Faye

re'New said...

I do know the feeling! I did have a nice cool day when we did mine, tho... thank goodness!