Monday, September 20, 2010

Still Stitching Away

I am stitching away on the Model for Brenda @ With Thy Needle & Thread. This night.. I took a break and started stitching a Freebie - Boo from Homespun Elegance. I am stitching it on Purple Linen with Black Rayon Floss. It is going very fast. I should have a picture of it to post tomorrow.

Went to my sister in laws today. She got one of those New Cricket Machines. It is amazing to watch what all can be made with it. She pushed some buttons.. and Whal-la.... I have pretty floss cards. She also showed me how it cuts out hang tags and and it made them 3-D.. Printed and cut all at one time, all the pieces then you can layer for that 3-D look.. I would like to have a machine like that but... Out of my price range...
Till Later ..... I can dream of this machine !!!!

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Sweet Sue said...

Can we plz see your pretty floss cards? You're such a tease:)