Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursdays & Fridays

Sorry it has taken me so long to write again. I did nothing Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday, I went with DH to work... His boss wanted me to go pick out lilies and monkey grass to plant around his big, huge garage. We picked up 150 Huge bags of Mulch from the John Deere Nursery. Had to do that in the big dump truck. I drive our truck to pick up all the lilies & monkey grass. Then we took them back to bosses lake house to be planted. I was too Tired....

I then left my house around 4:30 pm to go to mom's house to spend the night. She had to go into the cancer center today for 2 units of blood. She has been really tired and dizzy. Low Blood.
That took about 5 hours today. I drove us back home .

Raeanne called on cell phone when we started into mom's neighborhood, She had another bad sugar low. Last time she passed out and Joshua was outside when she came to, about 2 hours later. She doesn't stay by herself much after that. She & Joshua came home with me tonight.
Chip (SIL) came by when he got off from work @ 6:00, ate then headed to their house to get some sleep, before he has to get back up at midnight and go back into work.

So these past 2 days have been busy. Oh, and DH hurt back today @ work... We will try to do some work on the trailer this weekend...

Until Tomorrow...

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