Sunday, June 14, 2009

North Carolina Trip

Hey everyone.... I was out of state from Tuesday till Thursday. We drove the 12 hours from Alabama to Jacksonville NC on Tuesday. It was a working trip for Dewayne. Had to check out building remodel for Barracks on Base at Camp Lejeune. They were going to put a bid in for the company ( Argo).

I kind of made it a mini vacation on Wednesday. After checking out barracks on base. We left Camp Lejeune and went up the coast to Beaufort NC. Heard it is a great historical town. I loved it!!!! Here are some pictures.

Town had all these little shops and eateries. Would love to move there... We then left and came back down coast to the Base. I could not get over had the Beach Houses were one story or 2 at the most. Area was not commercial as the beaches of Alabama & Florida, were there are highrise condos everywhere.. Took us forever to find a public access to enter to see the beach. I have great pictures too.

Could have stayed all day !!!!!

While looking around, standing on boardwalk, the cutest bird landed and kept bumping into the sea grass. I took several pictures, hope you enjoy.. I Did !!!!

We then drove another 12 hours back to Alabama. Tired Tired Tired.
I did come home to Daughter's Family. Staying at our house to take care of Rebel & Sli. Was glad to see everyone. Glad to be back home...
Rebel has an eye cold and was scratching because she needed haircut. I decided to get out the clippers and try grooming her myself..... She is currently in Hiding at this time !!! I did not do a good job.. Let's put it this way.. she is mad at me. Her eye is doing better though....
I have been resting since returning.
I did get a cross stitch project done.. One of Primitivebettys Designs. " Kitten Pinkeep"
I will try and get a picture up as soon I sew it together. Maybe this week.
I will check in again Later....

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