Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Hot & Hot !!!

It is Hot as Hades here in Alabama. We are under an air quality alert today. With heat index it has been around 103 degrees. In the south this is Too HOT. My mom was saying Monday that we have to stay inside close all the blinds and drapes to keep the sun out and turn those air conditioners down to 68 to stay COOL. She is right! So I am sitting here in the dark at 11:30 am.

From what I understand a lot of the USA is Hot or Rainy.

I did get two projects finished yesterday. Raeanne started a cross stitch picture several years ago called," I may be a Prince" Cute.. I finished the stitching and yesterday made a pillow out of it. I also finished stitching Kitten Pinkeep and sewn it together yesterday. I still have the crosses to stitch around the edges of the cat. Quilt is Joshua's, has bears and camping scene. CUTE
I went over to Mobile Home Disaster site today. I keep forgetting my camera. Too Hot to work. No air cond. yet. DH's back is out and we have not done anything in the last 2 weeks. We have carpet to lay,counter tops to do, lighting to put up, and 1 bathroom to finish. List is longer but will not bore you. Just a complete overhaul.
I have to get back to my own housework. I am trying to keep up this place and make a home of the other... I look around at all the stuff I need to yard sale and it is to Hot for Yard Sales. I have been putting some things for sale on Ebay. Mostly clothes & Cross Stitch. I need to list some of Dewayne' things. Talk again later......

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