Monday, June 22, 2009

New Cheap Cross Stitch Find !!!!

I was so excited today to find a frame for a cross stitch project. I stitched this picture back in 1989. I think it was a Twisted Threads Design, " Listen Honey" Series. I found the frame at our Walmart. They are redecorating the store and had this wood frame marked down from $ 13.98 to $ 5.00 clearance.

When I saw it I said " Witches' Picture" !!! Yea... I have a lot of stitched pictures I need to have framed and also sew into pillows. I used to belong to what they called Round Robin stitching groups. I have 2 finished projects from the stitching group. I need to frame one and make the other into a pillow.

Here is picture of the new frame.
Saying is," Listen Honey: I made my husband a pumpkin Pie. I made mine a Toad".
I got the mat cut from a frame shop that has now closed.
We used to have a lot of cross stitch shops and framing shops in Alabama. I now cannot find one never my area of Birmingham .
If anyone out there knows of a cross stitch shop, please let me know. I have been ordering online. I have been using Hobby Lobby when they have the 50% off framing coupon. But, I love the frames that a lot of the designers use. I just discovered all the finished stitching when I dug out the Witches. I want to look at them all and see where to begin with framing & such.
Bye for now, April

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