Thursday, October 3, 2013


It would seem I'm about to start stitching the Mary Sampler I by Paulette. I decided to stitch the smaller version. I love the colors. I'm using DMC. I had all the hand dyed floss but I just liked the DMC on the Antique White linen.
I'm so excited about the Harvest Halloween Exchange that Dixie Samplar is doing that I forgot to take a picture of my stitching and little gifts. So excited to have finished ahead of schedule that I packed everything in the box. I forgot to put the card in saying who it was from.. Had to open it back up slip in the card and tape it back closed.. Guess what? I now have to open it all up again!  I need to take a picture.. I have another new box, so I will just move it all to the new box.. Since this one is beyond using now!   
I think I seriously need help sometimes!! I think it is that Mentalpause thing.. It has come back to haunt me with the hot flashes again. I had a little break...
Both my tables in the craft room are full of stuff I'm working on. I seen Vonna's blog with her witch's hat yesterday. Guess what? Yep, I had to make a floss run for the two 3800 colors of DMC for Mary I. Of course... I picked up a witch hat at Michaels to paint!! Vonna is enabling again!!  lol  Got home and thought.. It would be so easy to spray paint this hat.. No black spray paint. I'm out! Darn! Well, I have to go out tomorrow. I also need that spray paint to paint that little wooden house shelf. I have all my scrap papers pulled out and skeletons and pumpkins to fix it all up for the grand kids.

My Sis-In-Law a while back gave me a bunch of these key rings. I decided to make a thread fob today.  Sorry for the dark picture. We have had clouds all day. TS Karen is brewing and I think it is affecting us with clouds. No rain till Saturday and Sunday, for our area. I hope it does not rain Sunday. We have a Family Reunion and also Joshua has a baseball game. Speaking of baseball, he loves playing Fall Ball.
 To be only 5 and in kindergarten, he can hit that ball. His dad has been working with him a lot. He is getting to play 3rd base this season. He did real good on 3rd base Sunday. Stopped those balls.
Here he is leaving 2nd base. We laugh at him running because he is not that fast.. We laugh and say if he had on his flip flops he could have home runs.. Boy can run in those Flops.. but, put shoes on him, he trips over his own feet.
I will sign off with pictures of BK, whom found some bubble wrap her daddy brought in from work. She had a ball with it. She first just stepped on it and popped bubbles, then she rolled herself up in it. I finally had to put her outside because she was popping all the bubbles and I need it for packing in boxes. She came back in last night looking for it. I had rolled it up and hid it. 

Her eyes get big and she goes crazy! 
Till Later.......


Parsley said...

You aren't the only one who does stuff like that. I can't wait to see what everyone gets in the exchange.

Love that Vonna is enabling times!

Ranae said...

You made a great decision on what to stitch next.
And oh that darn vonna, lol
I have to make that broom too, that she found material from her yard, I can do that, lol
It's so fun to watch the little ones play ball, very entertaining

Barb said...

The kitty picture is so cute. And the little baseball player, so much fun being a Grandparent!!

Lynn said...

I saw Vonna's hat and nearly jumped in the car to go into Michaels in Ottawa(which is an hour away!). Finally common sense prevailed but you can bet I'll be checking it out on Sunday when I'm in town.
Your kitty is too cute! I've never tried giving bubble wrap to Clarisse. She'd probably eat it, lol!