Monday, October 7, 2013


 This was in my mailbox today!! The Fabled Fusions Book by Michelle May. Michelle is a great artist!! She can take felt, fabric, thread, some beads and make something great! She has a great talent for putting colors and fabric together. See.... We kind of think alike too... I was stitching on the teapots and cups and was thinking about bees.. I sent an email off to her stating that Bees would be so cute!! She sent me back an email and said lol, I'm cutting out Bees!!!  So I stitched Bees, Flowers, Butterflies, Teapots, Teacups, and Stars! I loved every moment of it.

 Michelle knows I love Halloween. She sent me her designs for Halloween postcards. She also put in an ink pen with her logo.  Thank you so much Michelle!! I was flipping through the book and came to the last page!!

 Thank you Michelle, for giving me the opportunity to stitch for you! 
 I love the Halloween 2013 Post Felts!!!
 Look at all these cute patterns!!! I can make these!! I still have not tried quilting.. But I think I can make these!! They are cute little postcards. I have received one from Michelle that she designed. Such a clever idea!  

Here are the designs that are in Michelle's Book:

My picture taking is crappy today... Cute Designs!!! Her instructions are so easy to follow.
 The parts I stitched were the straight stitches on the designs. Real easy to do and they are so cute when finished..

Michelle does the putting together and quilting. To me that is the hardest part... Thank you so much again Michelle for letting me help you. I love to stitch!!! It is so much fun. If you would love one of more of Michelle's book. She has them for sale on her website. I have a icon on my sidebar. It is The Raspberry Rabbits. Just click and it will take you to Bunnyville!!  lol
By the way...Happy Birthday To Josh!!
Today he turned 6 years old!!


Barb said...

Happy Birthday to Josh! Your book is full of cute designs.

Margaret said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful book full of great pieces! So cool! Have fun with it!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Thanks sweets! Did you see the top of Page 2 under stitching assistants? Thanks so very much for all your help. Love ya bunches. :)

Tammy said...

Those look like FUN!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What sweet designs and so great that you were a part of the stitching! Happy Birthday to Josh!

cucki said...

Hello dear,
I am a happy new follower of your lovely blog...
It's truly looks like a very lovely book..
Big hugs x