Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I had a black crow that was running around half the day last weekend with no clothes on!  She just left them right on the walkway... I promised her a new dress and trimmings. These were her old things. My mom bought me Miss Crow about 20 years ago.
This is only her third outfit in 20 years. I kind of gave her a more modern look. Let me introduce you to Miss Crow 2013!

Miss Crow is modeling the latest in Fall wear. Beige muslin dress with recycled straw hat. She got a new nose job this year. It was bright school bus yellow, as you can see... It is now orange. She has shredded burlap hair. She is sporting a new Autumn Flag from her grandmother Mimi. She had a wooden sunflower at her bottom. It broke years ago.. I replaced it will orange netting and green burlap  leaves.  She has been Recycled and has got a new place on the porch. She is one happy crow!!
Here are some pictures of the recycled plants we have put in our yard. The landscaping guy told hubby to trim back the roses that were over 5 feet tall by 1/2 and water real good the first week then back off on watering. I hope that works...
 Those are the roses. Some were nearly 6 feet tall. I'm still working on the rock wall. As you can see, our trees are all still green here in central Alabama. No color change yet...

This is the rose bed that we did a couple of years ago.. I added 3 more Knock Out Roses to try and fill in some areas.  It got a fresh coat of bark this past weekend. Good thing Hubby had the dump truck, we bought 4 yards of bark.. My back is killing me.....

These are the bushes that we put in front of the porch. These were all free and came from a school. The school wanted all new landscaping. I love when this happens. I took these last night while the grand kids were running in and out the front door... I just now noticed my front door open. " Were y'all raised in a barn? Shut that door!"  Had to say that....

These are the bushes he brought in last night.. The only thing I hate about the bobcat.. It tears up my grass. You would think with rubber tracks it would not tear up the grass as much.
I still have to paint that wall. I have the paint.. Just need to paint it.
Maybe by this weekend we can get everything cleaned up back here in the back yard. I need to finish my little potting shed in the background. Spruce it up with a wreath and flowers in my flower box under the window. Pick up all kinds of limbs. Still so much to do! 
When will I have time to stitch? I'm already behind on Paulette's Mary Sampler. I still have baby Jesus to stitch and now the sheep.
I did start my A&E Sampler by The Primitive Needle. I am using the silks. I love them!!!  I just will not be able to afford them all the time. I'm using the shorter cuts as some advised. It is working out great. Thanks for all the advice.
The visit to see my aunt was something amazing. She has progress so much from just laying and maybe moving her feet, to doing rehab. We came in when she was doing her rehab. At the end they got her to stand up and she walked a little. The nurses were on both sides holding her, but she moved her feet to walk. It was amazing the progress she is doing. If you will please continue prayers and well wishes. They are much appreciated.
I can't wait to see her the next visit and see what she is doing!
I will close for now.  Till later..... I leave you with a picture of Miss Crow and the new table cloth of burlap on my front porch...



Wendy S. said...

Miss Crow is a beauty! And I love the table cloth, very festive! You do good work! =)

cucki said...

Aww sweet miss crow...l
Very pretty ...and so cozy place..
Super perfect
Hugs x

Dawn said...

Cutting back on the roses will help the roots establish and next summer those roses will be crazy full of buds. My knock outs I am constantly trimming back and the buds are still blooming and its mid Oct. You are going to love them.
Your Crow is adorable, good to hear your aunts progress.

Linda said...

Love Miss Crow's new outfit. What a beautiful yard you have. I love your front porch.