Friday, September 27, 2013


Happy Pumpkin Day!
 Today is Cathey's Blog Anniversary! Her blog is called Pumpkin Patch and Co.  Today I'm giving a Pumpkin Party! We will be celebrating her anniversary all together.
Cathey has a whole lot of friends that want to help her celebrate! They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and some are even gourds and squash!  
 We love that she shares have life and family with us! She also shares her love of stitching! I love to read her blog. When I do see a post, I know she is having a good day.. Let the party began!!!

 We have some famous guest appear for the party!!! Edward from Twilight!!!! 
 No party is complete without Captain Jack Sparrow! The party can come alive now!!! He is wearing his signature black pumpkin!
 The entertainment has arrived! The Pumpkin Bumpkins!! They will be singing from their latest CD titled "Here In The Patch". Songs include, "Tired Of Sitting On This Porch" and "Please Relight My Candle". They will be making appearances this Fall in Pumpkin Patches near you. Please stop in to see them!
 No party is complete without FOOD! No pumpkins were harmed for this party. Chocolate and pretzels are a must!
 We also have a Best Costume Contest! These 3 are the finalist.  Going to be hard to choose a winner!
 Some Slouchy Pumpkins always show up to ruin a good party, but we are not going to let them! Fatten Up you Slouchy Pumpkins! Go by the food tables....
We even have some funny comedian pumpkins that Cathey's son Junior may like! Just look at those funny faces!
We are also planning a beautiful light show to celebrate with Cathey!  So when the party is winding down, the lights will still be on all night! Almost like Motel 6!
I hope everyone had a great time at my Pumpkin Party For Cathey!!  Time for the photos ! 
I hope I've put a little smile on someone's face today...
Smiles will make you feel better.
Daffycat. Thank you for getting us all together!
We are praying over this battle with you! We are here for you!


Cath said...

Fantastic pumpkin pictures .x

AnaCristina said...

wow!Lovely pumpkin post!

Sharon said...

How great to see all the pumpkin love given to Cathey!

Brigitte said...

Nice pumpkins that you show here, April. I love the comedian pumpkins for Junior, as well as the light show pumpkins. Very lovely.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I love this pumpkin post - makes me want a pumpkin spiced latte now, which I've been resisting for so long! I think it is great all of what you did for Cathy - what a truly sweet idea.

Lynn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your pumpkin party and I know that Cathey will too. Very sweet!