Thursday, July 11, 2013


I guess I shouldn't complain. It makes for beautiful flowers, don't you think?  These are from my daughter's yard. Just growing under some trees. I picked them when I left her house today. I don't even think she noticed.. She is not a flower girl. I, myself, Love Flowers!
This RAIN event has been something here in central Alabama. It has rained everyday since July 1st. Yesterday we had over 4 inches within an hour. Flooding everywhere. My grass is at least to my knees. I hate looking outside at my yard and seeing all the weeds!
So.. I have been stitching and staying cool.                                 Thanks to all my blog friends who have been helping me deal with the Aging Event. I have tried some things. I'm better and cool  today.  My best friend Diana called today, I was telling her what has been going on with the hot flashes. She just started laughing! I said it's not funny... I'm in a leather recliner, the air conditioner is on me. I have a ceiling fan on high and a little fan blowing on me. I also had to mention that I was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and nylon running shorts and I was stuck to the recliner by sweat!  lol  I had to start laughing too!  Di, ( as I call her) seemed to make me upbeat and was laughing with me, maybe I will make it through this! Going to buy me one of those handheld fans with a mister on it!  lol
I have been stitching. I pulled out the Ancient Afghan. It was so HOT trying to stitch it with me flashing every time that material was wrapped over me. It went back in it's bag... Sorry Mom..
I did stitch a little on the Santa Village - Post Office. You know what? Stitching snow helps to be cool in summer.. at least, I am telling myself that.
Till later good friends!


Kaisievic said...

Try wearing cotton fabrics rather than nylon. It breathes more naturally and keeps you cooler and more comfortable!

Parsley said...

RAIN! Wish you could share.

Have you looked into the Chillo? It's a stay cool pillow. Wonder if it will help?

Barb said...

I know just how you feel. I told my step-Mom and she said Grandma Maude had them( the hot flashes) till she died at age 80!! Ug!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's been raining like crazy here too, but our yard is gorgeous.
Those flowers are so pretty.