Monday, July 15, 2013


 I found this great pumpkin printed burlap today at Hobby Lobby!
I start thinking Where have I seen this pumpkin?.... I bought all they had left, 2 and 3/4 of a yard.

Look real close... I know I have seen this pumpkin... Look real close again....

It is a Alessandra Adelaide Pumpkin!!! The bats and spider webs even match! Now I have to find this chart!  I don't care for the different colors used. I may just do mine all in orange and black.
 This is what BK (baby kitty) has been UP to! lol  She has decided she is Queen of the house. We still have not figured out how she gets up or down. I know she has to jump! We just look up and there she will be.. I left her up there the other day. She laid down and took a nap. I later heard a small bump sound and then she came out of the kitchen. I keep telling her she is going to hurt herself. Maybe, now that I have left her up in her high throne area, her curiosity has been subdued. 


This picture cracks me up!  Zoe is cheesing for the camera as usual. Josh has one leg through the ring and is trying to get the other leg through the other ring.  You can imagine what happens next. I couldn't get a picture of it because I thought I was about to do a Lifeguard Rescue!!  Yep.... He fell right into the water, those long legs of his got all tangled up in the rings. I about threw my phone away when he popped up like a fishing cork!
Sister Zoe is still singing and dancing while brother is in the background shimmy shaking to get the water out of his ears! Zoe has no worries, she will make it big one day as the next Ester William  Princess Mermaid!  Brother... I think comedy acts are in his future.
Ester Williams passed away June 6, 2013. I loved watching her on TV in those big water acts.
I will leave you with a tribute:


xstitchatoz said...

Pumpkin design well spotted! Congrats to your great find. Love the pool photos, kids can do the funniest (and sometimes scariest!) things in the water, can`t they? :D

Linda Ruthie said...

LOVE those pumpkins! I may need to get myself to Hobby Lobby and see if they have any.
I enjoyed watching the Esther Williams video. Thanks for posting it.

Barb said...

Great fabric and adorable kids!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I loved watching Ester as well! Love the pumpkin design. Your little ones makes me think back on when my children had fun in the pool!

Faye said...

I have GOT to swing by HL and hopefully gt a few yards of the pumpkin burlap.... Was it expensive????

Catherine said...

Love the pumpkin burlap!!! I'm pretty sure my LNS has those or can order the chart!