Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have put down BBD -AOTH series today. I started cleaning the craft/sun room. I am now sitting in the recliner in the clean room. I'm about to mess it up again by sewing.... On what you ask?

 This stitch that I did last year by Brenda at WTN&T. I have it all ready to put together at my sewing machine.

 This is the old buffet all cleaned off and decorated for Easter. It is only 5 days away... I am a little late on the decorating..

 This is my little Easter Tree. It has things I purchased and some gifts friends made for me.
I bet y'all have been wondering what happened to the Prairie Schooler Eggs. Well... I cut them out the other day...Fronts and backs.

 Here they are numbered and ready to start covering. I started this step this morning.. Boy, has it been a job..

 I love this Natural Batting. It is real soft and thin. I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year.  I have a lot of it left to use.

 The next step was tracing and cutting 8 egg shapes out of the batting. I have finally put that ironing board up.  Sharpies come in handle!

 Aleene's Tacky Spray is the best product they ever put out there!! I will admit that I love Elmer's Tape Runner that you use for scrap paper!
It works great to run around the edge to help hold down the edges on the inside till you can use the glue to put the fronts and backs together. 

 Unless you have this happen to you today... The thing broke and I had to grab the Aleene's Tacky Glue and then I had tacky fingers!! lol That is why I like the Tape Runner. No tacky fingers.
The four Eggs are sitting under stacks of magazines binding to each other at the moment.. I will post pictures tomorrow.

 I got this book last year to make Zoe Bug some clothes. I did make several pants for her to wear for the holidays last year. I had purchased the Blue Auburn fabric last year. I am going to make a top out of it for her. The stripe will be the pants with the floral as the ruffles.  This is also laid out on my sewing table.

My friend Bonnie ( no blog) and I were email talking today and she mentioned some Bunnies she stitched and made by Brenda - WTN&T.  I lightbulb appeared above my head!!  Where is my bunny and egg I made last year?  I have not seen them!  I had to tear apart the room and hunt those things.. Then I remembered I had some needlerolls by Shepherd's Bush too. Where are those things?  I happen to look behind the sewing table in a tub. Yes, I am still queen of the tubs... lol  The tub had Started Kits wrote on it.. Wait... Those kits are in my cabinet.. hmmm. What could be in this tub...You guessed right!!!

Here they are!!!  I have taken them out of this tub.. They are now in a basket and they are lounging on spanish moss.  Only 5 days till Easter!!!  I will need to make sure to mark through the words on this tub and put the Spring and Easter things with my other Spring stuff.. I also found a birds nest and some fake real looking bird eggs. I found a candle holder shaped like a nest and candles shaped like birds in this tub. Last year's purchases from Michael's sale. 
New to me this year!!    lol
Till later....


Barb said...

Your finish is lovely! Good for you finishing all those eggs. I have such a hard time making myself finish. That's why I frame so much!

Linda said...

Everything looks great April. I love your Easter display.


dixiesamplar said...

Wow, you are one busy lady! Everything looks great too. Happy Easter to you and yours.

Katherine said...

Room looks great! And love those fabric choices.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your room looks so cozy, April. Love your WTN&T finish and can't wait to see your eggs!