Friday, March 22, 2013


 Look what came in the mail yesterday for me!!!  I won this from Katherine on her 4th Blogaversary!  Katherine's blog address: 
Thank you so much Katherine. I won the pack of needles! Look what Katherine added!!  I love the Pinkeep! It is so cute!!!  I think it is made from antique fabric and the cutest button! It is sitting beside my stitching couch end.. ( can't say chair, I have moved to the couch) 

I also received my order from Deb at Stitches N Things. The blue linen is for some of the Santa Village squares. I may have a picture soon of the Post Office. I fell in love with Just Nan's Honey Bunny!  I ordered The Lizzie Kate Chicks and then wished I had ordered the other ones that were released with this design, Flowers and A Bee C.  May have to see if I can find them.. I know they were limited editions.

That is all I have to report today. I went and got my hair cut. It needed it bad.... It was so long and thick I could not do anything with it. Root Booster could not even give it any height.  It just laid there!  Came home and washed and sprayed that root booster,blow dried... Now I have BIG Hair!  lol
You know that southern saying.... Bigger The Hair, Closer To God.
I am way up there... lol
I asked today, if they color hair.. They said no, but they cut and perm!  I almost shouted, People still get perms?  I was told yes!  Hmmmm   Maybe a spiral perm is in my future. I have not had one since the 80's.....

I think I have changed my mind on that perm!!!   lol


Abbey Crafton said...

Good lawd...My hair is thinning so, to compensate, Im going to stop shaving my legs.
of the Abbey

Patty C. said...

Lol on the hair photo!

xstitchatoz said...

Lol, too funny! I need a haircut too. So many lovely goodies, lucky you, enjoy!
Happy Easter! xx