Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 This is the molding I fell in love with. It is a beautiful wood and looks old and aged. I had to make 3 trips to pick it up before I was satisfied. The second trip the lady over the framing department that I left it with was there. I explained to her what had went on and how it looked. She unwrapped it and she didn't like what she seen. She said she herself would work on it the next day. She called the next day and I picked it up.

This is it! Sorry for bad picture. No sun that day. I asked about them just making the frames for me and me buying just the frame and glass. I will do my own blocking.  I also received a coupon for 75% off from her. I will just buy the frame and glass for my recent  finish on the Rebel Memorial. I will post a picture of that one tomorrow.
We had excitement Monday afternoon. We had some bad thunderstorms come through. We had trees come down and took out power lines and cable.  We didn't get our power back on till yesterday afternoon.  We had a generator so no meat was lost in the freezer during the outage.
I am back stitching on Blackbird Designs - Anniversaries Of The Heart.  Still on the 2nd block. That house is a lot of stitching. I am also stitching on CCN - North Pole. I stitch on that one at night in the bed. I was asked how I stitch while in the bed. Well... I sleep with 2 pillows anyway.  I prop them up against the headboard. I am usually turned toward the night stand where all my threads, scissors and chart are.. lol Nothing else will fit on the night stand. I have saline nose spray, lip balm, hand lotion, kindle, picture, iphone, cheater glasses, two remotes, lamp, Stacy Nash cross stitch bird on oil can and a crossword puzzle book.  Does anyone else have that much on their night stand?  lol Oh.. I forgot under all that is a weather radio!  lol Everything is right where I want it. Maybe not the weather radio...
Till later.....

*** Thank you all my readers for your comments and concerns with the framing problem. *** Did cheer me up while waiting.


Linda said...

It turned out great April.


llknbillburg said...

So glad you were finally able to get your memorial sampler framed properly. I know how frustrating that can be, especially with a piece so important to you. It was well worth the effort though, it is lovely!!

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh ~ I love that frame!! It sets your stitching off perfectly ~ so glad they fixed it to your satisfaction.
Stay safe ~ those spring storms can be doozies!

pam said...

It turned out nice! love the frame