Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Call me .. That Old Cat Lady!!!

 Number two Kitty added to our home.  I don't know if it is a girl or boy yet.. It is so little.  I think it is a boy... but, I am not going to even call it yet..   After Willie Loomis being called a girl for a while and getting a complex about it.  Willie Loomis is the best hunter we have ever had. After 3 weeks of catching and releasing chipmunks in the house.. We have been chipmunk free for about 2 weeks now.. Gives a new meaning to the phase Catch and Release!
Baby Kitty is another rescued furbaby. It's mother had been walking about town with kittens following her.  My mom pulls up Monday at work and hears a kitten meowing in the bushes. She of course, has a tender heart like me. It's mother is nowhere around.... She finally gets someone to catch it for her. Takes it home with her overnight. Brings it to my house the next morning.. This is where the story gets funny.. On Baby Kitty's ride to it's new home.. He breaks free of his box.. (He is so tiny)  She gets to my house.. I go out to meet her to see the Baby.. Well, Baby is nowhere to be found.. What!  Then we hear it meow.. Guess where Baby Kitty decided to sit on his ride to his new home?  Did anyone guess the DASH?   Yep, Baby Kitty decided it would ride in the dash. It is so little, just climbed up in the dash. We called kitty, kitty till we were about to leave for mom's appointment.  I had taken a couple of pieces of the dash out.. Still could not find it.. I happen to see a panel that you can remove on the driver's side of the dash.. Fuse box is behind the panel. I popped it off and I got a look for the first time at our new family member... It happened to be his butt end.  I reached in a pulled him out and welcomed him home.... He then went to his room aka bathroom till we got back..
So, I am having to ate my words about not getting any more pets after Rebel died.. So far.... 2 cats and 0 dogs.  I forgot to tell y'all  that our Sli baby cat, who's picture is on the sidebar. She was 19 years old when she passed away.. She came from the same place. Mom heard her meowing from a work truck.. Someone had put her in the back in a box and left her..
I have been cooking for Thanksgiving today.. Baby Kitty has adopted me as MOTHER.. Anytime I get out of it's sight.. All kinds of louding meowing starts up.. Mom told me to put it in the pocket of my apron and go about my cleaning and cooking.. lol  Right now as I am typing this, It is sound asleep on my chest. It wants to hear my heartbeat I think.. It will only lay on my chest..
Baby Kitty is fluffy.. I think it's mom didn't get around to showing how to wash him fur.. lol  He washes his feet all the time.. I told him that he needed to wash his face and other body parts.. That they are looking fly away furry,or he is just having a bad hair day...
Back to Willie Loomis.. he is trying so hard to be friends with Baby Kitty.  He touches Baby Kitty paws so sweetly.. I think he just wants a friend to play with.. Baby Kitty does the sideways jumping. They did play together for awhile this morning.. Then Willie Loomis wanted back outside.
Well, back to cooking some Thanksgiving items.. Hard to get in the mood here in Alabama. In the mid 70's today.  I had to open the door earlier to cool off.  It is to be in the 70's again tomorrow. But, the day of the Alabama and Auburn game they are saying at half time it will be in the 40's with wind blowing at 15 to 20 miles an hour.. I will watch from the recliner with stitching in my hand! 

Everyone have a wonderful, safe and blessed Thanksgiving!



needlesflossapplesauce said...

Who can resist a baby kitty? Thank you for having a kind heart. :)

Parsley said...

I would take in any animals I could too! Bless you! Happy Thanksgiving.

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Thank you for taking this little furry sweetie into your home. That's a great story.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks so much for rescuing this little sweetheart! You have joined the rank of old Cat Lady along with me! lol I have 10 rescues at the moment.

vivian said...

awww! so cute! I love kittens.. I was just saying yesterday that I needed a kitten fix! Have a lovely thanksgiving. hey.. if its that nice out, you should have a thanksgiving picnic!

Barb said...

What a cute little addition to your family!!

pam said...

We all knew the animal free zone would be short lived! :)