Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Music and Thanksgiving

I am sitting in my stitching chair. Needle is flying through fabric. The temperature is dropping outside. Skies are gray from the rain this morning. I am listening to Sounds Of The Season channel on my TV. They play holiday music 24-7. Christmas Music at its finest! 
I was reading the 123 Stitching Message Board and someone had asked what everyone was doing for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was reading some answers. Some are staying at home by themselves. Some are going out to eat. Some have their kids come in and bring friends from college. Some get together with their grown children and grand kids.  Then, you have my family.....
I think we are an unusual bunch. We have a get together at my aunt's beautifully decorated home. When I say WE... I mean around 40 of us. Mom, brother and his family, daughter and her family, my grand kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids, and anyone else that shows up.... One big Clark Griswold Family!  lol 
We only get this many together one time a year.  I think I have discovered why... LOUD!  lol 
But I love it! My aunt Judy is the Martha Stewart of Festive Holidays. Everything is beautiful and I know she wears herself out getting everything ready for us!  Thank You Aunt Judy! 
I was thinking about some that have no one to enjoy the holidays with.  Our family used to get together for all Holidays.  We no longer get together for The 4th, Easter, and Christmas. Everyone gets together with there own families for these holidays.  
I have been sitting here thinking what my little family will be doing for Christmas. My daughter will be at her home with the babies for Santa morning. I will stop thinking about it and first enjoy Thanksgiving. 
Just got off the phone with Mom.. We will be going to Cracker Barrel to eat Christmas Day. Sounds like a plan to me. No cooking and no mess!  Problem solved.
I need to get back to stitching. Till Later.... 


Jeanne Ludington said...

Hi April. I work at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Home Office in Lebanon, Tennessee and I thought I better let you know that all Cracker Barrel locations are closed on Christmas Day. I'm sorry that your plan might need adjusting! We are open on Thanksgiving Day though if you would like to join us for that holiday.

Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful get together April. Have a great Thanksgiving.


pam said...

You are planned out way far ahead of me!

vivian said...

the bigger my family gets the harder it is for everyone to get together! kids have to split their days with the other side of their families.. I dont like sharing!
but I have a 28lb and all of my kids will show up at some point! I'm doing our dinner late giving them time to visit else where first!
have a great week!!

Rachel S-H said...

That is a lot of people in one place! I think my DH's family is like that, but not quite so many people. Happy Thanksgiving.