Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Christmas Decorating Going On Here In Alabama!

 The ceramic tree is out for Christmas!  My grandmother made this years ago. I love it.  It was the first thing I got out and sat up in the craft room.
 Next tree put out is the cross stitch tree. I always put it on the table. No one eats at our table. It is only DH and me so, we eat in the living room in front of the TV. The place mats my mom made back in the late 70's or early 80's. The crystal is from Princess House. I have had them for about 28 years. It is the Fantasia Christmas sets. They used to be in the china cabinet that now holds fabric..

 Next tree is the Christmas Tree. I have downsized my tree this year. I needed a smaller tree, but the rats in the shed decided this for me. They made my old lighted tree into a condo home to raise their young. They had moved in through the bags and made their nest with insulation we also had stored in the shed. The tree had its own pink snow all over it. So, it is now in the pile to go to the dump. This tree above is just fine.. I made the Santa and Mrs Claus back into 1996 and gave to my mom. They have come back home...

 Just a close up of the Ornament Tree. Ornaments that were made by me and many of internet friends.

 I just threw this together. I had 2 large twigs and the can I bought at the end of last year. The letter A came from Wally World.  I little bit of a snowy look for Alabama.

 Garland I got last year. Still working on the craft room.

Kitchen area is next. I am laughing as I look at this picture and type this post.  See the tree on the right? The one on the bar... There is usually two. I have lost a tree!  How do you lose a tree?  They are usually stored together.. I don't know how the 2 foot one got lost! Has anyone else ever had something stored and it just disappeared?  So the tree and mister reindeer are all along for Christmas. I hope 2 foot tree shows back up...
I love my lighted garland. My favorite thing to put up at Christmas.
 This is Baby kitty under/in the Christmas Tree.  He is such a little guy. I say guy... I am still checking him/she.  I have not idea.. he is still so little.  He only has 4 teeth... Willie Loomis is growing so much. I will get a picture of him soon. He is kind of put out by the new baby. I have to love and pet him a lot.  These cold nights we have been letting Willie stay inside.. We have a full size bed. I have not slept in about 4 nights. I ended up getting up last night putting them both out of the bedroom and closing the door.  Baby Kitty found the laundry basket and Willie went to his chair.  When I got up this morning, my lamp was turned over on the end table, one picture was in the floor, the other was turned over.. I think they had a party while we slept. 
I am not going to put all my Christmas decorations out this year. I am still having shoulder and elbow pain. Moving all those tubs out from Halloween and Thanksgiving and then moving all the Christmas into the house. Pain and stiffness has set in.
I am about finished with Donna's model. It is so great!  I can't wait till she shows it!!!  I should be sending it to her tomorrow or Friday.  I am waiting to stitch something from Michelle at Raspberry Rabbits. I can't wait to see what she has designed!!!

That is enough for today. Till Later.... while putting on shoes to go met hubby to eat Bar-B-Q!!!


Kim K. said...

Your kitten is just darling. She/He is absolutely precious precious.

Denise said...

My great-grandmother had a ceramic tree like yours. Wow - haven't thought about that tree in years. Thank you -- the memories of Christmas at her home -- something special.

Ha, you've had rats in the shed, I had termites take up residence in my old tree. Ick!

Hope you find your other tree soon. You know it will show up Dec 26th! Your house looks fab - sorry to hear you are hurting though!

Peggy Lee said...

My mother made a ceramic tree just like that one. I can't wait to put it out along with the nativity scene she painted as well.

I hope you find your tree!

Barb said...

All the trees are just beautiful!! I'll be spending Christmas in your lovely state this year!

Robin said...

Everything looks so nice. Gives me the urge to pull out and put up my decors this weekend. Love the little kitty under the tree. What a cutie!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

You have a beautiful, cozy, festive home going on there April :)

pam said...

I was so proud of my decorations and tree this year(new one for me too) until I saw all yours. My stitching tree still looks like a Charlie Brown compared to yours! Oh well better get busy! You place is looking great.

MartyG said...

Your decorations are really lovely. Hope your elbow and shoulder feel better soon. MartyG

Lynn said...

Your home is wonderfully decorated for the holidays! It looks so warm and welcoming.
Love your little fur baby!