Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantastic Friday!!!

Hello everyone!!  I want to start off this morning by showing a oh so cute wreath my SIL made for me!  It is great! I have it already hanging up in my sun room! It adds so much color to the room!

I seen something real cute the other day on a blog.. Can't remember which one. I have so many I read.. lol They had purchased a rack from Harbor Freight. It is the old black color. The person on the blog had spray painted hers pink. I chose a hammered Bronze. Not a good picture.. I will put all my little bottles of paint in the trays.


 A miracle happened yesterday. My hubby went inside Michael's!!  I bought the two candlesticks to paint black for my skulls. I found that black box. It is already painted black inside and outside. It was the same price as the unfinished ones..

The little necklace doodads are for some cross stitch I plan on finishing and put inside the rectangle ones. The round decorative ones I plan on Die Stamping Josh and Zoe's name.

I also found this Watch Fob frame. It was $8.97 at Michael's. It is cheaper on the Internet, If you can find them.. I hope to make something like Brenda's Watch.. WTN&T/ Country Stitches. I hope she releases a pattern, but if not I like the idea.

So cute!! Isn't it!!!  She has three of them on her Blog.  If you have time check them out!!!
I will say, I love the Sullivan Floss! I have stitched two designs with it and I just love the way it feels like Silk Floss. I will show them finished in my next blog report.!! 
We are watching the grands today. Their parents have signed papers on a new house today!  So, Sounds like moving next week is in my plans!!!  lol I am trying to stitch up some unfinished projects.
I have not done much this week with hubby home. He had a couple of test done this week. Turns 50 this year and has been so tired that doctor just wants to makes sure it is not his heart. He did a Nuclear Stress Test Tuesday. A Sleep Study Wednesday night. He chokes, snores, and stops breathing in his sleep. He is always tired. Please say a prayer. His EKG was abnormal last week and they just want to make sure nothings serious.
So, after a vacation of doctor test and just resting. I guess moving Raeanne and the kids will be adventurous!  lol I am so excited for them..
Till later, I am headed outside to start painting that side table I bought a month ago...


Barb said...

You have lots of great projects going on. I love the wreath and the watch fob. Hope all goes well with your husband and enjoy the Grand children. My only Grandchild lives near you in Alabama. Problem is I live clear across the country!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You have a lot going on! I love the tiered tray and will look forward to seeing your other projects. I hope all goes well with your DH and your DD's new home!

Denise said...

Prayers for DH! Love your purchases. I was a Michael's the other too. I didn't find anything I liked. :( Can't wait to see your skulls on their new stands.

Rachel S-H said...

That wreath is so cute! And I love the little things you found!

Michelle May said...

Love all your goodies! Hope everything will be ok with your honey bunny.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Would you believe I bought some of those watch casings, but from Hobby Lobby. They were 8something, with 25% off. I had the stress test, and it's a full morning of hurry up and wait. Mine turned out fine - hope your DH's does, too. Be well.