Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween In 6 Days!!!

 This is my most recent finish.. I took an old piece of limb with moss on it and sprayed it black. Added the little planks I made.
 This is the little Pumpkin Man I finished. It is a punch needle pattern from Brenda at Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. He was to have painted black feet.. I like the sticks better..
 I made this wreath yesterday. The ghost I bought at a yard sale for $2.00. The Candle my sister-in-law made for me!  She somehow shrunk the tissue paper on to the candle and cut on the middle and put a flame less inside. So Cute!  I made the Lizzie Kate pillow years ago.
 I finished The Wicked today. I bought the cutouts in a package for .49 cents at Michael's.. I think Michael's is getting all my money lately!! I mounted the words on a painted piece of board and trimmed it with Black eyelash trim. This is my Halloween wall.
 This is The Halloween Card my Sister-in-law made and sent to us. So Cute.. She does a lot of paper crafts. She needs to start blogging.. You hear that Billie! 
 When I cleaned house yesterday. I cleaned off my side table in the sun room. This is where all the stitching goes on!! Of course, Pickled Pumpkin stays in here.
 This is how the old desk is looking now.. I needed some flowers.. The old fruit crate holds my fresh cut greenery during Christmas.
 I did finally decorate the other set of cabinets in the kitchen. I put a stuffed Pumpkin, Buzzard, and a Pot Of Acorns.
 This bowl is only a 1/4 of the acorns I have.  They are so big too! Deer love them!  I think I beat the deer to them this year!
 This is the bag I finished last year. I finally put a pick of flowers in it this year! Well, I have been really busy.. Now is the time to clean the Craft Room.. Now don't any of you pass out when you see this room! or I don't want to hear.. OMG!!   LOL   I know it is bad.. I am the type of person that Grabs and Makes! I put up later.. Well.. Now I don't want to go clean this room... (whining)  lol 
This is the way it looked a few minutes ago... I need to get better organized that is for sure!! I had to move all that stuff next to sewing machine, just to sew up another hole in the favorite jeans!!  That subject is for another day... I am off to clean that dungeon. oops, Craft Room..


Catherine said...

Great decorations!

Mouse said...

nice decorations and mmmmmmmm know the feeling well with the craft room .. am having to empty mine for our big halloween party this week end ... eeeeekkkkk ..lol love mouse xxxx

It's A Southern Thing said...

Hey there, thanks for the plug, and I have thought about blogging ... but somehow I can't get into it right now ... maybe I'll just keep making stuff for you and let you do my blogging for me ... LOL ... Luv Ya!!!

Your SIL (aka ... Billie)

basketsnprims said...

Love all of your halloween decorations. The first one is so clever. My craft room usually looks about like yours so don't feel bad. No more cast!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, I love all of your decorations!! Definitely something for me to aspire to--I need to get better at doing seasonal things. Beautiful work!

Littlebit said...

Love all of your decorations!!! Is there anything more fun than Halloween?? Great job. I bet your little grandkids love coming over. Happy Halloween!

Lynn said...

You have so many great ideas for your decorating. I'm afraid I lack in the creativity department!
As for the craft room, we won't go there. My spare room looks about the same at the moment and I keep trying to forget about it, lol!