Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Week!

Where has the week gone? It has been busy at my house since Saturday.  That was when Joshua had his 4th Birthday Party. I feel like all I have done is eat Birthday Cake.. That is OK.. I love cake!
I have pictures:
 Joshua and his Cars Cake. He seen the movie and had to have a Cars Cake.
 Hubby's Birthday is This Saturday... Josh wanted him and his Poppa to have a party together.. See what I mean about eating cake? That little cake is Poppa's Cake. It is in my refrig.. I am still eating on it!!!  lol
 This is Josh and Poppa about to ride the Go-Carts.
 This is sister Zoe with Momma and Daddy. Daddy got to party with them Saturday. We all had a great time.
I finished 2 model stitchies for a designer and now I am trying to finish my Halloween things.. Just Maybe....
Took mom into town today. She got me a OttLite. Michael's has them marked down for $89.99 to $19.99. Mine is Pink & White. If you are needing one now is the time to buy. This one is the tabletop one. I will show it off tomorrow with I hope a new Finish of Stitchery.  Till Later......


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to both of the boys! Go-cart looks like fun!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Looks like a very wonderful day for all! Thanks for sharing the happy faces.