Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 I think we have 3 babies in our house!!  If you don't remember me telling about Mom moving in within one day of erecting their new home check here:  http://aprilmechellesdulllife.blogspot.com/2011/05/more-work-in-yard.html
 Correct me if I am wrong... But I think they are Eastern Bluebirds. This one just left the front door of their home and flew up to these wires. I checked a site on the web that had a picture.. Looks just like our bird. Now to keep the neighbor's cats away!
 I built this house a couple of weeks ago. I have it where the Old Homestead used to be. It is under a big Oak tree and stays shaded all day. That is why the fern is hanging there..  It is a 4 room duplex. Newly Painted, Lush Fern Yard, Wooden Roof and Brass Perch. Spacious Living at it finest. Move-In Ready.. call ***-***-nest.
This is about all the annuals I have left. This tropical heat wave is killing all my pretty flowers. My grass is just about dead. Having these upper 90 temps (sometimes 100's with heat index) and no rain for over 2 weeks is taking it toll. I am watering everyday. I might have to run the sprinkler tonight on my grass.
I have been getting together my items to make for my Patriotic Swap over on Viv's Site. I can go ahead and make two. There is 6 of us swapping. I had to order some more fabric today to complete the others. I can't give any hints to what I will be making. Viv makes cutest things.. I love reading her blog!  Check it out :
She has the cutest little grand baby. He is all the time smiling. Speaking of grand baby... I have a picture of GS - Josh.

Josh is trying to stay cool. I know.... He has swimmies on in 3 inches of water... The pool is leaning downhill. His poppa told him to stay out of the deep end unless he had his swimmies on. So.. that is why he is wearing them... Little sister Zoe came over later. I can't put her pictures on here. She was not dressed for picture time..  Mom forgot suit.. She took off her clothes and she jumped right in Naked. Don't get between her and a pool of cold water on a HOT day. She will mow you over to get to it!!

Till later....   STAY COOL !!! 


Donna said...

Too bad about yourflowers, There is way to much heat. But your grandson is cute with his swimmies in the pool, those were the days.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Sweet little birds!
My grass is dead too. We haven't had rain in about 5 weeks now. Everywhere around us people are suffering with flooding and bad storms. So crazy.
Looking forward to seeing your swap!
xx, shell