Monday, June 13, 2011

Stitching Update !

 So this is it ! 4th of July stitching for this year... A freebie for Glory Bee. Here is a link:

This is my memorial for Will & Cate's Wedding. Yes, I did finish stitching as the wedding was going on... Nope.. It is not made into a pillow yet... Maybe before their 1 year anniversary...

This is a tease picture for the gals in my swap group over at Viv's Blog.  You just don't know what is under these daisies !!!

I am moving furniture around today in the sewing/craft room. It is clean, I'm just putting a chair in here to sit and stitch. It is a small room... I may have to use the window sill to lay my stitching threads, scissors and chart.  The grandchildren love to try to run with my scissors and re-arrange my threads that I have laying around the sun room.  Right now my tension on my sewing machine is all messed up... Somebodies little fingers likes to turn nobs! I have been working on getting the tension just right.. It is not working!!!  I gave up and said I would try again another day when I am in a better mood. This way I can just close the door and no one will mess with my stitching... lol
Oh... I got a new design from Brenda ( With Thy Needle & Thread) It is a Halloween one !!! That is all I can say, other than GREAT DESIGN !!! 
Till later.... and we need some rain!!!!  Someone please send some our way !!!


Shari said...

love your patriotic finish! Just in time for the 4th!!!!
Oh, my!!!!! Your grandchildren story sounds oh so familiar......

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Fun stitching!
I'm so curious to see what is under those daisies!!!
We need rain too! Stitching coming from me soon. :)
xx, shell

Deb said...

Two cute finishes! I have to laugh about the W&C piece. You sound like me with saying that it may be finished next year! LOL

vivian said...

hi April, love the 4th of july stitching! thanks for the tease! cant wait to see what it is.
have a great week

Patty C. said...

Thank you for the freebie link !!

Your work looks wonderful :)

Rachel S said...

What a great patriotic finish! And like your wedding commemorative!

Pumpkin said...

Cute finish April :o)

Love the wedding piece you stitched!

ain't for city gals said...

hey girl..loved your up a monkeys butt...who think that is why i buy anything I can at Costco...their refund policy is fantastic...up to three months. I swear dvds you get at walmart are fake from China....I have never ever been a fan of Walmart. Catching up on your past posts...and looking at all that dead stuff at the junk store...I think that is why I don't want to buy a new printer...just another thing for the junk pile.

Valerie said...

I love the 4th of July finish and thanks for the freebie link!

Also, you stitched a very nice commemoration of Will & Cate's wedding!

Hope you get some rain soon...we woke up to rain this morning...hope it moves your way!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

You inspire me with your stitching! Now just what is underneath all of those daisies?? Blessings,Kathleen