Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'M BACK !!!

I 'm Back !!!  We are home sweet home... I did have a wonderful time, but glad to be home. I missed the grand babies. I have pictures of the beach but they are on my phone. I don't know how to get them over to my computer.. So ya'll will have to look at my pictures of Ft Pickens in Pensacola Fl. I love history. I had no idea that Geronimo and 15 of his braves were held there as prisoners. I read a book about Geronimo. He was very smart and knew how to work things around to his way. He and his braves had the run of the Fort. They were not kept as prisoners, confined or chained. They played cards, worked on the fort, and sold autographs (he did learn to sign his name) to people who came to see him. It was also used during WWII. Very interesting place. Some more pictures:

I tried to get online when I was away. I had to use hubby's computer. His will pick up anywhere, even going down the interstate. I tried to leave some comments on blogs, but I think Blogger was acting up again. I kept signing in and it would not let me leave any comments. I could just read. My computer picked up Wifi but they all had to have passwords to log on.. So mine went back in the suitcase. Lets just say I read alot on the Kindle and leave it at that...No sun here... It was beautifull for the six days. I came home yesterday and it feels like 100 degrees here.. Oh .. I forgot it is near 100 here in Bama.
I signed up for an exchange on Viv's site. Patriotic Swap. I can't wait to get started. This is my 2nd exchange with Viv. 
Well, I am tired.. Been with the Grands all day. 
Thank you for hanging in with me on this blog.. I have some great pictures and stories coming up this week and next.. Come back and see me... bye for tonight.

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