Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hey Everyone !!!  I went Junkin this morning to our local junk sale store called - J & J Junk.  I had not been in a long time. They still have the same junk they had years ago. We were looking for doors. Old wood doors. Nope... They didn't have any, but it was the grave yard for all things no one wanted. Just take a look:
 These are the tubs of old curling irons. Please pick you out one !NOT.... Now.. why would I want to buy a curling iron that had been in someone Else's hair?.. yuck
 Yes ! Here we have a Spa Treatment item.... A BaByliss. Is it called Baby-lis or Ba-Byliss. Sauna Facial. Why would you want just your face to have a Sauna?  I don't want it!! I want a whole body Sauna!! Next Item-
 My mom used to have one of these suitcases.. OH... It is a hair dyer? I am so glad we have blow dyers now.. I would not want to share that cap with anyone!!!  If I was a hairdresser, I might consider buying the yellow hardhat one for a fun conversation piece... Next item-
 Oh... This is pitiful... Death Row of old sewing machines.. They are Laying In State as hubby passes by viewing them. Sad....Next Items-
I always wanted one of these Easy Bake Ovens growing up. My mom would never let me get one... Now is my chance... but I.... think I will pass.. I need more than a light bulb to cook now-a-days!
Do they still use a light bulb ? Or are they like micro waves?

That was my morning of Junkin!!! I didn't buy one thing.. Is that bad?  oh...
If this show would just come back on TV. Junkin With Val & Dave. It was on for 4 years and I got to see them in person in Alabama. They both were very funny... Where are all the good decorating shows anymore.. HGTV has Zillion of House Hunters Shows. What happened to the shows they used to have, that would show different homes and how they were decorated. I miss those... Or at least bring back Junkin With Val & Dave.. They did win 2 daytime Emmy's!!! Watch Val & Dave here:

Have a great weekend!! Mine will be junkie!!.....


Michelle May (Shell) said...

Oh my gosh all that junk made me laugh! Especially that hair dryer helmet thing! My mom had one!! Funny!!!
I'm with you about HGTV. I use to love all the shows. Now they just play the same darn thing all the time about finding a house or making it totally boring so you can sell it to somebody else. Gag! I only watch Sarah and Candice now.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You're right. That is a lot of JUNK and not the good kind.

Teresa said...

They say one man's junk is another man's treasures. Well maybe not that junk, but it did bring me some laughs.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Deb said...

I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen so much junk! Too bad you didn't find anything, but looks like there wasn't much to enthuse you!!