Friday, April 29, 2011

Undate on Mr Birdie

Mr Birdie has a new home. I did not know we had a Wildlife Rehabilitation place till a friend told me about the one at Oak Mountain State Park. Yesterday, we loaded Birdie up in the car and took him to live with other birds his age. I found out that Birdie is a Tufted Titmouse. He is a songbird... I knew that all ready, he would sing his little heart out all day. His species are cavity nester's, inside trees, logs, and poles. The picture above is what he will look like as a grown bird. Isn't he handsome!!! Raeanne asked me on the way there if I was going to have Empty Nest syndrome. I think I do....

I also found out it is illegal to possess any wild animal in the state of Alabama, includes, birds,mammals, and reptiles. No wonder you can not buy rabbits, snakes and other animals from pet stores. You have to have a breeders license to sell these animals. While the nice lady at AWC was explaining about it be illegal... I said I didn't know.. she smiled and said alot of people don't. I was worried I may be arrested right then and there... for keeping a bird alive.. but she was nice and gave me a card that I can send back to them for an update on Birdie. They have a nice center with a look through window so that you can watch them in the nursery with all the little birds. She said they get about 900 babies a season. They are having a Baby Bird Shower May 7 . This is a fundraiser for them. You bring a gift ( like a baby shower) from a list of items needed. ( toilet paper, paper towels, little baskets,produce,insects, bird seed..) and you have cake & beverages, wildlife presentations, children's activities, and a guided tour of the Tree Top Nature Trail. We will be doing this and will also go check on Birdie.

Changing the subject... Yes, I was up at 4:00 this morning watching the Royal Wedding. I was not going to, but I did watch Di and Charles get married back in 1981. My Raeanne and William are the same age. I was glad I did watch. I did notice that he was so sweet to Kate. Of course... ya'll know Harry is my favorite!!! I had to keep an eye on him. So handsome.... I was laughing that they put him in the carriage with the children for the ride back to Buckingham Place.. He was a great sport about it, waving and smiling away. Reminded me, that it was like being sat at the Children's Table during holidays..... Kate's sister Piper is a beauty... I was thinking hmmmm. Harry you may want to get to know Ms Piper. Beautiful Wedding Dress... Ms piper's dress was lovely. Didn't you just love when Harry came through the doors of the church and removed his hat, he just had to ruffle his hair!

My favorite picture of the boys. Enough on this wedding talk... Till later.....


Nancy said...

Glad the birdie is well! It's illegal her in VA too have a wild animal in captivity. Most people don't know about those laws, it's on the books to protect the animals from the scum of the world that would abuse them and sell them for profit.

Glad you got to watch the wedding. I did not get up early to watch but have seen many pictures of the big event. They make such a beautiful couple and look to really be in love!

Susan said...

Glad Mr. Birdie has a new home and I know you will miss him. But he is back among friends now.
The wedding was great wasn't it? I enjoyed every minute of it. Harry does have such a big smile on his face most all of the time.

Happy Stitching!

Lynn said...

Glad to see your little bird has found a new home where he'll have lots of friends.
A Tufted Titmouse... who'd have thought it?!