Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mr. Birdie's housekeeper had not appeared this morning when I got him out of his bed for pictures. So that is why he is in my hand... He is so cute!!! He has grown so much in the 5 days he has been with us. His little fuzz on top is ruffled , he has bed head. He loves to wrap his little feet around my fingers and hold on..
We don't know his gender or what kind of bird he may be.. I on going to research his kind today... His feathers are still growing and he is getting fluff on his body. Still has a great appetite and poops a lot. I clean his home daily. I hope he has flown this coop before our vacation in 4 weeks... I don't think my Mom or Raeanne want to babysit a bird... lol Till Later......


It's A Southern Thing said...

April, I thinkyou have a sparrow ... after looking at several Alabama baby bird sights and comparing them to your picture I have come to that conclusion ... have fun and tell Mr. Birdie hello from his Aunt Billie Gail

Teresa said...

Well eating and pooping is a good sign. I can't wait to watch little miracles progress.
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dixiesamplardesigns said...

Awww, how sweet! Yes, he does look like a baby sparrow. And how wonderful of you and DH to take him in and care for him.

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Susan said...

Don't have a clue what kind he is other than darn cute! Happy Motherhood again!

Happy Stitching!