Monday, April 25, 2011


We have a storm victim from last week's storm staying with us. Hubby found him on the ground under our carport. We looked around NO NEST... hummmm. He barely had any feathers, just a start of feathers and pink skin. I brought him into the house.. I read on the Internet to keep him at about 80 degrees. I fixed him up a little shoe box home. I read that to survive #1 put him back in his nest.. NO NEST . #2 Call wildlife rescue.. NO RESCUE... So for 4 days he has been eating like a bear and growing his little wings and chirping up a song.. He had grown so much in four days.. I was told to mix dry cat food & water, let it soak and it is something, Mr Birdie loves his cat food meals... LOL I food him a little, a lot of different times a day. He seems to settle in at night and sleep. So I tell everyone I don't know about our new house guest!!! He just hops around in his custom built shoe box home with round windows , indoor wash cloth carpet and under the floor heating pad heat. lol Of course, it is on low and and have have a towel between the box & pad. This Mr. Birdie has it made!!! lol But we love him already. He just chirps when he hears us talking... I now can tell the difference in chirping and high pitched, I AM HUNGRY chirp.. Is that bad?.... I am now talking baby bird.. lol I will try and get him to poise for the camera tomorrow. NO Flash...Has anyone ever raised one up to let it fly away? Thanks, April


Sylvia said...

Yes, we raised a sparrow once, and taught it to fly. He/she hung around well into the fall, flying up to us, and sitting on our shoulder when we would come outside. One day the sparrow did not come anymore, and I am not sure what happened. But I am hoping it just flew further away.

Good luck with raising the little fellow.

Robin said...

So precious! Can't wait to see photos of your bird condo.