Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictures & Shopping Madness

This is Joshua riding the Carousel at The Galleria Mall. We took the kids to have their pictures made together before their Birthdays. Did ya'll notice the boy picked out the Glitziest Horse. LOL There was frogs, elephants, lions, rabbits, and other horses. But he picked out the one with the rhinestones and glitter. That is Gigi's little man. All about the bling... LOL Every time he came back around Zoe would just laugh at him.

She has just ate and is all laid back in this picture! Check out that foot!!! LOL They both did so good with their posing today for their pictures.
Now about the shopping madness.... Inside the mall there are these Booths sat up in the middle of the mall. You have to walk by them to go anywhere in the mall. We leave Sears... head to the food court. First booth... Lady stops me and asked if I wanted to try some new face cream?... No Thank You... I walk on.. Two booths down from that one, a guy is coming out to me... Would you like to? I say, real quick.. No Thank you again! I don't even know what he is trying to sell. I look over at their booth they are curling people's hair with a round Hot Iron...We ate lunch I am waiting on Josh to get off Carousel. Lady approaches me... Would I like to get my eyebrows Pucked? What!!!.....No Thank YOU!!! Does my eyebrows look like they need plucked?... LOL Maybe they do......Then I look over to where her booth is... Get this now... They are plucking this lady's eyebrows out with a String!!! Ouch !!!! She is laying back in a chair and they are going at her with a string!!! Now.. I ask myself... Is this a shopping experience or madness? They were only charging $12.00 bucks to jerk your wild eyebrow hairs !! Is that a deal? I don't know... Is there competition pricing for this kind of thing? LOL Do I want to lay in a chair, in the FOOD COURT have my brows plucked, while people around me are eating their lunch.. HE** NO !
Then I start thinking... I am glad we sat on the other side eating away from flying Eyebrow Hairs... LOL
It was not much better heading back out of the mall. Every vendor at those same booths tried to stop me again... I ended up saying real loud. NO THANK YOU! Do they not know they are very irritating. If I see something I want to look at, I will walk up to your booth. Instead I had to say No Thank You.. about 8 times just to walk to the food court and back.... I Tell You Madness !!!!
I am through ranting! Sorry. Does anyone else have to deal with this when you go to the mall?
Till later... Going to bed now.. Hope not to dream of plucking.. Not even a chicken..


Bonnie said...

LOL April. You are too funny but I agree with you 100%. One reason I don't like to go to the mall.They always try to get me with that miracle hand cream. Another reason I stay away are those candles and potpourri, they are way too over powering. Just walking by them gives me a headache. I can't wait to get home and shower and wash my hair.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

I feel your pain! They do it our mall too, and I stare straight ahead, I avoid making eye contact with them and even pretend like I don't hear them calling after me...ha! I hate that! And I agree, I would SO not want to be having my eyebrows plucked, hair curled or teeth whitened in the middle of the mall so that passersby could sit there and observe. Yikes! Your photos are cute. My son would have chosen the bling as well, ha!

Danielle said...

OMG! You sound just like me. Yes, we have Arundel Mills Mall here and there are vendors everywhere. It is truly annoying! I share your sentiment. If I am interested in something, I'll walk over to your booth. And I have seen the eyebrow plucking thing. Not for me.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The kids are darling!

We have the same problem at our malls. Drives me crazy. Our outdoor malls, not so much so I prefer to go to those when I can.

Deanna said...

Geeze what an experience. The kids sure were cute.

Our Mall is about dead and I don't ever go there, but I'm pretty sure they don't have such goings on.

Pumpkin said...

Great pictures of the kiddies! I like his choice of horses :o)

Ewww! That's just gross. I've seen that method used before and it's supposed to really work well but not within distance of food ;o)