Monday, August 2, 2010

Blackout Weather !

Blackout is right !!! I mean my windows.... Sun is beating down and I have closed all my curtains. I am sitting in the dark ! That is where Blackout comes in... I find it hard to stitch in the dark. With temp going to 101 with heat index 110. Josh's pool will not even feel good.
I did not get much stitching done this weekend. It was house cleaning time. It needed it bad. Yesterday Hubby decided to work on the 3 page to do list! Yeah !!! I thought.. He did get the TV hung of the wall in the bedroom. The wires are still hanging down. He has to run them in the wall. That may take a year or two.. By his working schedule... LOL But it is on the wall and I gained my old desk back. I have put it in the living room. Pay no attention to the wires... They need to be ran in the wall too. That is #8 on list... LOL I went and looked at the list... Now I have a headache.

Next picture is were I am camping out this week. I can't go outside.. I will instantly combust into Dust !!! LOL The famous stitching chair.. This is hubby's chair.. But while he is at work, I am working on the butt impression. I am doing a great job too! I have also managed to put in an elbow indent.. Now... I will let you know. I do have my own recliner. It is just like his.... It is not in the right spot... LOL I have moved that thing all over this living room. I think it will need to go out in the sun room when and IF we ever get it finished.

Yes.. I do now see my flip flops... That wicker basket holds WIPS. Just a few.. Most are in the UFO tub. I had Mickey D's this morning.. Had to make a run to Wally World and made a pit stop in for a biscuit. Everyone raves about leather... This chair is Hot... Makes me sweat. We have the matching sofa and I took me a little nap on it Saturday.. Awoke to sweating and it wasn't To The Oldies... Cold in the Weather and hot in the summer. Anyone else have this trouble? My car does this too. I am so used to cloth interior in my car, that when I got this one, I thought Yea Leather.. Well I have changed my mind !!! Jumped in this morning to head out and OUCH! Burnt myself. Now, I know why my mom always had a towel on her seat. !! I had forgot about that good old sturdy Fake Leather ( vinyl ) LOL... I will leave ya'll today with this Note... Get towel to put on leather seat !!! Will save you burnt legs!!

Till Later !


Maggie said...

The only time i have experienced temps like you have is when we go holiday! Looks like our summer is over here in the UK, although not rainig the sun is quite week.

We have a leather recliner but it's my husbands sofa, i cant see the Tv or stitch comfortably on it, much prefer my 'squshy' sofa

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

We've been hot here in Michigan lately too but not as bad as you are. Leather doesn't seem to bother me too much - I warm it right up and it doesn't seem all that hot to me either. Of course, if I still had a butt fit for short-shorts, maybe it would!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You have fun with that heat girl. We don't have it that hot here but then again the igloos are still intact. lol Actually we have been receiving some of the rain of late and our gardens are doing very well.
Be always in stitches.
ps you were right about the shavings and it was an old standing ritual with the guys to scrape up the rubber off the road after a burnout... go figure eh.... guys...

Anonymous said...

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